your opion on my website please

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What do you guys think of my new site?
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    It is not bad, but I will definitely try to chance the menu. And the banner for free Ebook. It looks like made in MS Word - but it should be just my opinion. What about take a look at ThemeFores - Marketing websites. There are hundreds of excellent templates (well-coded) - you just chance texts, images and you are ready to go.

    But again, as I said, this is just my opinion. For me it looks just like one of millions MFA microsites. Anyway, good luck with it!
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    Below the black area is good. The header and the top design is not professional looking. Try to change the logo font , "Submit your free copy" font and menus.
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    You have a good topic. Alternative energy is growing in interest.

    About your site: The display fonts ("Alternative Energy," main menu, "Solar Energy Simplified," "Submit for Your Free Copy") look fuzzy and unfocused, which makes it look unprofessional.

    I'm unclear as to the purpose of your site. Is it a general resource for alternative energy, or for using it for your home? Or both? You need to make that obvious to the site's visitors.

    Have you shown the site to people you know (family, friends, co-workers)? They can give you a lot of immediate, valuable input as well.

    Hope that helps.


    Steve Hudek

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    I think it needs to be redesigned. Overall, the design look unprofessional and lack purpose. The fonts you use for the menus is not suitable. The site's about energy, right? So, it should reflect that.
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      Well it looks like its none CMS. I think the menu needs to be changed a little and you could do with a better template. I think because it is none CMS the colors just dont look right. I had the same problem with color sharpness when trying to design a Kompozer website and then gave up and went to Joomla. So maybe wise to take a look in redesigning on CMS program. I like the Banner, but another thing which is general markating issue, is when people think of Green energy they imediatly think of the color green. I think the green text and black becakground does not work and should be switched around, only to act a psychological perspective for the viewer.
      Eastern Odyssey | The Definitive Guide to Asia
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    Made some changes to the site.

    Is it any better?
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    Alternative Energy Today
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    I honestly don't like it much. If it is about alternative energy then the site should look professional suggesting that alternative energy too can give professional results. If it looks like that, people won't like your site nor they would like the concept of alternative energies.
    You should redesign it completely. I am here to help.

    The Elevator to Success is broken.Kindly use stairs ;)

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    Your site looks like someone could learn alot from the info you have on there. Good Luck
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    Simple web, focus first at your banner
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    I think it looks great!
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    beautiful site design, nothing problem to read any text .
    awesome color combination , also looking simple .
    overall it's a good job as well. I like your site design.
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    Simple and easy to read, I like it. Just keep it simple and you will see success
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