Which CMS platform is most suitable for small businesses website & why?

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Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla?
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    I will choose WORDPRESS as a website for my small business because it is having a lots of features which is suitable from the server point of view as follows:

    Content - It is very easy to update content of website without knowing HTML. It is easy to create new pages and edit existing pages of the website.
    Extension - Without requirement of developer we can create a tabs for polls, contact form and hundreds of amazing features with simple rich text editor.
    Support - There are many wordpress developer are available out their to support you for any kind of problems or bugs that will face while creating a website.
    One-click Installation - You can install a quick plugins by doing just a click. Many hosts providers are available out there for you.
    SEO - Wordpress provides a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out there. Even, the Google own Matt Cutts said that wordpress is the best CMS to do SEO well.

    All this above mentioned features are provided by wordpress is absolutely free and enjoyable.
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    Wordpress obviously. The best and simplest framework to use


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      Obviously word press is best for simple websites.
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      Originally Posted by luisserrano View Post

      Wordpress obviously. The best and simplest framework to use

      i agree with you bro
      is the easiest way to have fun!
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      Originally Posted by sunitha12 View Post

      It is completely depends upon what you want to do with your website. If the website is mainly text-based with a few minor functions added on, then you would go with WordPress. If you are interested in multimedia or more complex functionality then Joomla is a better option.
      Smart answer. He has to know exactly how the site will function and take expansion into consideration. It's not just one or another based on biased opinions, it's what works best to fit his needs then compare each product to see which is the best fit.

      Do you want:
      • E Commerce with a shopping cart
      • Membership with or without paid access
      • Catalogs
      • Google analytics in the backend
      • Affiliate programs
      • Format (blog, magazine, store, etc.)
      So many options it's hard to guide in the right direction without much information.
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    I would say WordPress. Why? The WordPress community is huge and growing. Anything you need chances are there is a plugin for it. Also if you ever need any support it is very easy to find because so many people use it!
    Absolute Logo Perfect for your small business!
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  • I highly recommended Wordpress. It is user friendly and easy to work with wordpress
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    I agree with rollmodl: work out what you want your site to do, then look at the technology that best fits it.
    It makes me laugh all these wordpress evangelists that immediately say wordpress for everything.

    For example: "I want an enterprise level e-commerce website with 10K+ products, full reporting, csv import and export, any suggestions on a CMS?"

    Wordpress evangelist: "Wordpress! you can get a plugin for ecommerce, and it is really easy to use!"
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    It really depends on what you're trying to use it for honestly. For basic information business sites all the way.

    I used to be a die hard Joomla user. Started using Wordpress a year ago and never went back. Joomla is and many others are dead. Wordpress is the best.
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    Wordpress for Small Business.

    It is easy to use
    Easy to add content
    Good for SEO
    Lot of Plugins available
    You can get customized sites made in Wordpress with ease and low rates.
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    Is this website going to be constantly managed? The reason I ask is because Wordpress, while easy to use is extremely insecure if left unattended. If it's something that is going to be setup once and forgotten about, I'd suggest going with a basic html site.

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    Originally Posted by darrenjones86 View Post

    Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla?
    Wordpress hand down.

    More plugin options
    Well known and supported
    Easier to manage
    Better themes
    Cheaper to develop
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    Wordpress because:
    1. widely used
    2. huge market of themes and custom builds
    3. huge market of plugins
    4. open source
    5. intuitive for lay people
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    I agree, it really depends on the type of website that you are going to create.

    However, personally I like WordPress for it is proven by millions of users online. It's user friendly. There are lots of premium themes to choose from.

    So wordpress all the way.
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    Originally Posted by darrenjones86 View Post

    Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla?
    Wordperss is easiest to setup

    Drupal is a bit complex but awsome
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    Wordpress rocks. that said however it is still a blogging platform. What it does have however its more plugins that any other CMS and a pretty good community.

    As a web designer, I am faced with using a platform called DotNetnuke and this is one that is usually forgotten. For site owners it is much more logical to use than Wordpress, you can literally place anything anywhere you want and have custom layouts for any page without being tied down by the template.

    As a designer, I also find it much easier to develop a DotNetNuke skin than a wordpress theme.
    That said, for small business sites or blogs I will usually say wordpress or joomla because they both do a stand up job. However, for larger sites I will recommend DotNetnuke as that is the CMS where I have most experience.

    It really is an argument where everyone will defend their preferred cms, because at the end of the day we all have our loyalty.

    The choice at the end of the day really comes down to, what are you most comfortable with because, on the outside..No one is going to tell or care what CMS you are rocking.
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    My answer is also Wordpress. This is the first choice of maximum web designers. It is the most user friendly CMS. It facilitates some extra features that other CMS just cannot. It's search engine friendly and easy to use. It is flexible and easy availability of plugins enhance its functionality.
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    Having messed around with all three platforms I have no hesitation in recommending Wordpress. And for all the reasons everyone else has said here.

    Developing plugins for WP is far cheaper than any other CMS simply because there are far more WP techies around. So if you need something a little special it wont cost you so much.
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      Another vote for WordPress here

      In my opinion WordPress reached critical mass a couple of years ago and now the community support and enhancements ecosystem like plug ins, etc. makes it my first choice.

      I've used Joomla and that's good, maybe more suited to sites with more content, but for what around 80% of people want to do, WordPress fits the bill. I would even choose it above commercial offerings like ExpressionEngine because it's so easy to work with and well understood.

      One thing I will say about WP is make sure you do a bit a research into "hardening" it against hacks. Because it's so popular it's often a target of hackers and there are a few simple things you can do and plug ins you can install to make it a tougher nut to crack.
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    I work for a company that does Dev for Drupal, Wordpress and the likes and have worked on projects using on a few CMS in the past particularly Wordpress and a few e-commerce ones like Opencart. But I'm starting to really like Adobe Business Catalyst well for the main reason that it isn't just a CMS but rather a hosted integrated system that has email marketing, CMS, e-commerce, blog, analytics and etc. I say developers will probably scoff at the idea but it makes sense to marketers and e-commerce site owners. In terms of features like blog... its pretty basic but the e-commerce feature is pretty good.
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    I will suggest wordpress because of its useability . It is the best CMS i think for any type of website.
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    I would use wordpress for everything. It's easy to use, highly customizeable and you can train business owners how to use it so they can update their own site.
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    Wordpress and joomla are the best
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    I suggest using word press, I like to work on its CMS and I loved to use it. I love its all designs and all its outlook forms will really give your website effect so much.
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    I would recommend Exai.com - they use a drag and drop system that's really easy to use. Wordpress is pretty user-friendly too, but the sites don't turn out as unique.
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      Definitely I would recommend you that Wordpress is best CMS for building a website specially for small business. It is so because the wordpress cms is user friendly & website& website content can easily be manageable through various plugins.
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    p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } WordPress, Joomla & Drupal; Every CMS has its own strength & weakness. One can't judge them on a single functionality. Each of them has their individuality. So it is up to you which CMS you find optimal for your website and your business requirements. But as far as ranking goes WordPress is the market leader, i would recommend drupal after WordPress
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    wp is nice and human friendly
    joomla - is pain
    drupal - is double pain
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    I suggest Wordpress because there are many different ways in which you might use your website, from displaying a gallery of images to advertising your services, running a technical support page or even an online magazine. This is why, despite the popularity of the WordPress platform. It's cost effective, flexible and easy to use. It powers millions of websites worldwide, and many big brands use WordPress: CNN, Playstation, New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, and even Ford – they all use WordPress!
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    So much is built around Wordpress, but little do people realize that WP is a total overkill for a simple-to-medium client sites, niche sites or salespages. I HEAVILY recommend GetSimple CMS. Easy to customize, few-clicks-to-get-ready.

    A huge time-saver, I got the tip from a local web design agency when I talked to them about Drupal vs Wordpress cons and pros.

    Sure WP can do what we can but it isn't actually customized to it.

    Just my 2cents,
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