I'm trying to up conversions. Need an expert site review.

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Hey warriors, I'm trying to optimize my business page to convert better so when I start really driving traffic there it will do it's job. The address is www.contentbyjeff.com Could you give my site a once over and let me know what you think, any tips to improve it, etc. I've heard both sides of the coin about white converting better than black and vice versa. Anything would help. Thanks in advance for your time!

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    Hi Jeff,

    The overall layout is not bad, for example, the three boxes with voice overs, video samples and pricing, however, there are several items that need to be addressed.

    1. The color, change the content background to white and text to black or dark gray, the idea is to clean/lighten it up.
    2. Header, you don't really have a header, but should create something with a logo, your tagline and a photo of you for example. Leave the three boxes right below that.
    3. Messaging and calls to action, it is not entirely clear what you would like to visitor to do, work on that by viewing examples from other sites. Maybe part of this would be creating a separate page for each of the different services.
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      I really don't like that font and the layer styles associated to it.

      I'd probably like the site more if you reversed the colors (light and not dark).

      Those three large link images are taking up a huge amount of space and aren't doing you any favors. Maybe replace that with a tagline and your very best work sample.

      Social proof: Maybe pull a client testimonial up the homepage. Maybe show some of the logos of the businesses.
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    You can keep the dark design since it's a creative field however, you need more contrast. If you're going to keep it dark, the text should be white.

    You have a few color issues. There are two heading colors and two link colors. I would cut that down to 1 each.

    Like tylerherman said, I would get rid of that font in the header and in the images. It's hard to read. Also, the stock photos could be better. I don't know where you live but the site is in English and the coins for "Rates" appear to be Russian. Unless you're targeting Russia, that photo doesn't work.

    You have some good client feedback. That should be showcased pretty prominently somewhere at all times. Make people trust you with some social proof.

    I agree with mgreener's point in that you need some branding. Even if it's just the name of the site, you need something to let people know where they are.
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    Think about who your likely customer is and build the page for that person.

    Use cleaner, more professional fonts, especially for your 3 callout boxes. The graffiti font is hard to read and looks cheesy.

    I'd comb your hair and wear something more professional for your about photo - and preferably your video. It doesn't have to be a suit and tie, but something presentable - Keep in mind that many of your clients will be older than you and your page won't convert if they think you're unreliable. Professional appearance = professional experience.

    Finally, if you don't want to put specific prices on your 'rates' page that's fine, but you need to have something more than you do now - for example:

    rates - a simple 5 minute voice over starts at $20, fill out the form below for a quote.

    Speaking of which, have a contact form on the rates page.
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      Hi Jeff,

      I think your colours and fonts are all over the place, no offense...

      dark background won't do any good in your case, not sure what you're trying to archieve with this layout, meaning the first impression, if it's professional, I'd go back to zero and think again...as it doesn't look professional in any way.

      on positive side, there is 3 BIG main key points/services in your face on the top, above the fold, that's a good thing...

      but for the more professional approach what comes to layout I'd take a look how other websites do it and take the best bits from them...

      just by looking these 80 FREE wordpress templates, I'm sure you can come up with something more professional looking than that...80 Premium Like Yet Absolutely Free WordPress Themes 2012 Edition

      anyway, yet again no offense, just trying to help you out...

      - Yucca
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    Thanks a lot everyone! This is the kind of stuff I need to know! I really appreciate it!
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    You have a great voice and a killer smile. I'd definitely hire you to do videos.

    1. The black background is a NO-NO.
    2. The picture you have in your "About Jeff" section reeks of "slacker." Throw on a nice shirt and even a tie (pants & underwear optional) so you give the impression of being a Professional. You might even want to tame the spikes in your hair just a little (only for this picture). First impressions do matter.
    3. The images (font mostly) you use for Voice Overs, Video Samples, and Rates are cheesy-as-hell. Have the text above the images, not over the images.

    Click here to learn How To Create A Website.

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    I would make a few CSS changes, frame your featured content, use lines and graphics to focus the eye to the places you want them to focus on, use colors to back up your content that way the eye does not wander too much, its almost there just needs some backgrounds and CSS work. (also the video link goes to a PNG image not the actual video)
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    There seems to be alot of space between content. Especially under the 2 boxes. I think also instead of Content by Jeff, how about a domain and title of what you do? Like "video and voice over.com"
    Or something in that fashion.
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