A good review blog theme for WordPress?

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Hey warriors.

For the last couple of months I have been reading up on, studying, and observing IM techniques. Although I know I still have much to learn, I feel as though it is time to pull the trigger, and start learning by doing instead of reading.

Anyways, my first is going to be a niche review blog that I will use to promote Amazon associate products. I chose Amazon because I feel like their trusted name will make it easier for a beginner like myself to sell their products. I am not looking for killer earnings right away, just a little bit of success to boost my confidence.

Now to my question. I have been browsing around for a WordPress theme for a review blog setup, and have not found a whole lot that I like. Can anyone recommend some themes? If this site works out I will be creating more niche review sites in the future, so I don't mind paying a bit of money for one if it is something I can reuse, as long as it isn't hundreds of dollars. Thanks in advance!
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    I use the Flexibility 3 theme. It is rather easy to customize and it looks appealing to the eye.
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      I will check it out. Thanks!
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    InReview from elegant themes is pretty slick for the purpose...there's also some nice amazon themes in the forum, though haven't tried this one, but looks promising...also came across of this ProReview theme, not sure which one is the best, but planning to use the one from elegant themes shortly...
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    there is a website called pro review theme which has nice themese.
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