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Ok, so I have a news website that posts news stories from around the web. Right now, if someone shares those links or tweets out the link and someone clicks on it, it does my site no good, and there are a LOT of people sharing the stories on my site.

Is there any way to add some sort of code (my page is just a wordpress page) that will redirect the person to my page then instantly take them to the story? In other words, my page will show an extra visitor in my stats, but the reader will simply be shown the story?

Does that question even make sense? If you need to see my site to answer it, it is The Intelligence News | Defense News | Iran News | Syria News

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    You should be able to do this by writing some PHP to collect the information and then redirect them to the destination page.
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      Would you know how to write that, or you just know the theory that it would work?

      Anyone have the script already that they would be willing to post for me to use?
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    Anyone? ;-)
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