Please review my website!

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I have a website in the agriculture sector. Please review and let me know any thoughts. Thanks!

RentTheFarm dot com
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    I have visit your site. Its look simple but your site loading is too slow. You can modify your theme I think so that your site loading faster.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I have a standard Host Gator account. Could I do something w/ the hosting to speed it up?
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    Hey NDContrarian,

    First off I know that when people ask for thoughts on a new site the 1st comments are typically things that you (the designer) are in the process of working on, or for that matter, holding off on for logical reasons before posting. So with that being said please consider these quick thoughts.

    1: I think what you have here is a solid start. Right off the bat I would say that you need some serious photography to liven up the site.

    2: I like the 2 door option that you have and it could work very well as a theme for funneling visitors to the correct section.

    3: On your Vimeo video you are spelling Tutorial wrong (you have Tuturial). Also if your serious about video you need to get a Vimeo Pro account. You can customize your player and such. It's worth the $199 a year and I recommend this to ANYONE using Vimeo.

    4: The background you have is a little distracting. I would use a sky for the top and grassland as the bottom. Now it seems like the main copy at the top is made of dirt. Not the good farmer kind either.

    5: I would reproduce the links on your header nav and put them on your footer nav. It will help on your longer pages.

    Okay that's enough for you to chew on. If you want I can contribute more. Just let me know. Keep us up to date on your progress. Hope this helps.


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      Thanks for your comments.

      Your point on the background picture is well received!

      And I changed the Vimeo title, dumb me! I'll look into the Vimeo Pro account
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        Fantastic, I'm thrilled and equally excited about where you are going to take the design. Please keep us up on the latest.

        Solar Gravity

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    WoW! It's very nice theme
    i hope good luck in your business
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    Nice Job! Good luck with your site!
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    Great effort on the design, and in my opinion it is almost there. However, I have to agree 100% with SolarGravity where:
    4: The background you have is a little distracting. I would use a sky for the top and grassland as the bottom. Now it seems like the main copy at the top is made of dirt. Not the good farmer kind either.
    ======> This was actually the very first thing that came to my mind too.
    I can see you are trying for a darker colour at the top, preferably a brown that matches your logo, Farmers button and menu links - I get that, but brown I don't think is working with the farmscape photo.
    You could create a dark blue twilight sky that graduates lighter as it heads closer to the crops. Therefore giving a darker background effect towards the top of the page.
    Or you could make the photo taller (ie more sky) then move the photo to the header section and have a dark green coloured background similar to the crop colour near the footer.
    Hope that helps
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    design wise its simple yet good, adding images would be nice + adding related alt tag..
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    Great design and totally vibrant colours!! Like the images a lot!
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    1 You need to change your website's background.
    2 Logo can be better than this one.
    3 Use a pop up to capture email addresses.
    4 No contact us page?
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    I think on the /sale page you need to be more specific {I would also change it to /rent} and on the actual sign up form page embed the video.
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    Great theme/design. I love the graphics! I have no complaints about the layout and presentation. My only suggestion is that your SEO needs some serious work. I couldn't find any meta information, keywords, description, etc. when I viewed the source code for the homepage. The blog looks great, my only suggestion would be too add larger pictures to your posts so that they stand out more.
    Tony Smith
    Graphic Designer & Writer
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    This is a nice modern layout. There are alot of cool graphical elements here, so you definitely have some potential.

    Your background doesn't make sense, why is the brown (assuming that is to be dirt), above the sky? The sky should come first as it will not make a good repeated image. If you put the brown dirt below it, you can do a nice repeat so that it will accommodate longer pages.

    There is a serious lack of pictures in the content and pages. Professional photography would be recommended in this instance.

    Overall you got something that could be really cool once you refine it a bit more.
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    I was hoping to see an update to your site by now. Did you stall out or are you just busy? I know how hard it is to work on your site when you have a life / full time job to steal away your intent. Nevertheless, keep up the fight. We look forward to your progress.

    Solar Gravity

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    Nice design. The background images are nice, especially the lower one.
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    I have visited your website and what i can say about it: I love the desaign it looks just perfect, you could try to add a live chat box, it would be awesome idea i think.
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