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I created this squeeze page and just want to know about the colors. Do you think anything needs to be changed.
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    I think it looks OK. What I would personally do is resize the video to half the screen and put the opt in on the side of the video. The video is way to big, and the opt in is all the way at the bottom where I have to scroll which is annoying.

    If it was somewhere I could see it right off the bat and not have to scroll, i'd probably be way more tempted to opt in and submit. At the same time being able to see the video. That's just me though, and everyone is different. But one thing is for sure for me is when I have to scroll down to submit my email I usually end up closing the page.
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    God the color is horrific. I need a pair of sunglasses just to look at it.
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    Checked your site.

    It seems your website forces the audience to watch the video first to see the whole picture.

    I suggest that you should have a 'catchy hook' to provoke curiosity from the audience. The sentence 'It's about time your phone bill paid you'.. you sure the word 'paid' is correct?

    Another issue is, the video is lengthy (like more than 35 mins). I'm not saying the video should be cut short, but if you refer my first paragraph, there should be some words that is catchy enough for me to watch further.

    The sentence 'ask me about'... should it sound better if you word it as 'ask me how'?
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    You just need white everything—with a black title. That's it.
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