Does My Site Look Good Enough To Convert?

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Hello everyone,

I have designed my site using Optimizepress where I sell a seo course in another language than english.

What do you think of it? I somehow feel that there are too less images and too much text. Do you think the same? What would you recommend to do?

If you know something like someone or a service here on WF where designers pimp existing websites for better conversions I would be very thankful.

Here is the site: Kral of Internet - Internetten Para Kazanmanin En Profesyonel Yolu
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    Honestly you just need a bit of work on spacing and like you said, adding images to spice things up. This wouldn't take long as the page is already close.
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    I'll second the adding images. It's a little dull without them and it helps to break up the paragraphs so it doesn't look like a novel.
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    Looks way too plain/boring without some graphics
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    I always recommend adding a trust seal to any squeeze page. Since many people have a bad taste in their mouths from squeeze pages, adding a trust seal can make your site seem *much*more official. I'd try a BBB and VeraSafe seal, and maybe A/B test those two to see which one works best. I think you can use at least the VeraSafe seal for 30 days for free.
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    hey, thanks for you all your comments.

    Apparantly, I was right with my assumptions, there are too less images.

    Concerning the trust seal, this is something I have to research in the country
    where I offer my product/service. Hopefully, there is something similar to this.
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    Get rid of the confirm Navigation box on exit. Honestly your just gunna piss people off. i clicked back or exit... chances are i wanna leave your site.

    other then that everything looks good as far as my english eyes can see
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