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Please Have a look at my blog and suggest some ways to generate organic traffic to my
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    It's bad.

    The Header - There's a lot of empty space and the logo is quite large for a logo. The text doesn't read well at all, I would condense this down and change the font used with this logo.

    The Menu - The text looks disgusting and the menu bar isn't easy on the eyes in my opinion. Plus, there's this random space underneath the text.

    On line 535 of your source file, change the Height: 50px to something more appropriate. I turned off the Height and it shortened it to just reach the text which looks better.

    Also, for the text, I would recommend changing the following settings:
    text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #E1D4C1; - I would disable this completely, it reads better in my opinion when you turn it off.

    The rest of the design seems alright, I don't see any more problems here.


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    Header Logo is too big. Flying Twitter Bird looks kinda distracting. Some pics like Google DNS should be left align instead of centered because it leaves too much white space.
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    First of all you may change the platform , Try to spans you time at a first class domain . like .com .org or some others . may be you need some money for that but remember it will help you much more better than a free domain, and design is not bad . you may make a better banned for the top .
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    I can't take a blogspot account very serious in pretty much any situation. Buy a domain and host a site, it'll be much more professional.
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    I'd have to agree with ColtForty5 and everyone else for that matter. Try changing the logo and maybe drop the flying bird. It's cool and everything but it gets distracting after a while. The site looks like there's a lot going on. Sort of like an "all over the place" vibe to it. It's not very organized so maybe you could work on that. Keep things simple and professional looking.

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    I'm sorry but I find your blog cluttered.

    Like what most said, change your logo and drop the bird.
    As a personal preference, you may use wordpress and have your own domain.

    You may want to look at Engadget (one of my favorite tech blogs)

    - Smaller logo
    - Drop the bird
    - Fix your main menu
    - Use dividers or use consistent spacing for every post and sidebar sections
    - Consistent image size (or like engadget, put the image on a different line)
    - Fix your footer (too much whitespace)

    Like others said, you may opt to switch to Wordpress with your own domain, find a great theme and you're off!

    for your reference: Migrate from Blogger (Blogspot) to WordPress without Losing SEO, Links
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      Thanks for suggesting me...
      I am planning to transfer to wordpress but the only the thing i afrid of is seo and my back links can any on help me migrating from blogspot to wordpress without lossing the seo
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    I'll say it has potential. It is a good base start

    Your logo is to big, put a google advert big skyscraper ad in the header to fill up some blank space. Try altering your colour scheme and fonts which you use to make it look more professional.

    I'd go for wordpress too my friend, themes are ready right off the bat for good prices and can take only minimal tweaks to stand out from a crowd of those who use the theme already.
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      Thanks for reviewing my blog and giving me suggestions
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      Thanks for review.....I am right now working on design and i am planning to migrate to wordpress with different them
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    reduce the logo size
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