Please, Review My Site And Tell Me What I've Done Wrong

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Hello Friends,

top of the day to you all.

Kindly help me review my site

I built it from ground up and i'm still working on it.

I'll appreciate your candid advice.

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    I'm with the other two, that header banner isn't good at all. Your text is blending into the image, and it's harsh on the eyes. Also, your header is too chopped up and too busy. You've taken a bunch of ideas and mushed them into one image. Try just one of those images with some bright text for the headline and tagline. If you feel you must, maybe 2 images, but don't go any farther. And get rid of the brown border.

    The cheeseburger background on the signup form is a bit distracting, it takes away from what could be a fairly professional looking, clean theme. Then again, my wife just looked over my shoulder and said it was the first thing that caught her eye, so maybe you're onto something there.

    Other than that, the layout is good, things seem to be in the proper places, and the color scheme doesn't make my eyes bleed, which is always a good thing

    Not wanting to come across harsh here, so if I said anything that seemed that way please take it as well-meaning. Remember, the first thing anyone is going to see is the header, and the one you have up there is a bit off-putting.
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    Ditto to everyone. Work on your header banner and maybe change the font color to something more visible. I understand that this is a health site, so I was wondering why the background for the sign up is a cheeseburger. Everything else looks alright. You could also try page breaks so you don't have to see the entire content of the post on the main page. Saves you space...

    Clicked on one of the articles and the about section is empty (maybe you could try to fill it up with information?) and the leave a reply section, in my opinion, is too big (the look is clean which is good).

    Goodluck with your site...
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      Originally Posted by OutsourceFactor View Post

      I understand that this is a health site, so I was wondering why the background for the sign up is a cheeseburger. .
      Lol, a double cheese burger at that!
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    Hello All,

    I thank you for candid review.

    I'll take action immediately. Once i'm done i'll communicate y'all for an update.

    Thanks so much.

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    I've effected the cosmetic changes.

    Kindly take a look at it and see if i'm on track

    I sincerely appreciate your response thus far.
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    Bad header quality, hard to read the green colored title as well... Also crappy alignment of the first 'box' in your menu with the rest of your menu.
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    I'm doing my best. I'm a newbie in website design. Please, look up my site and kindly tell me if i'm on track.

    I appreciate your criticisms. Keep it coming, friends and partners-in-progress
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    The color of the text on the banner doesn't really blend, something darker? Also the background color isn't all that good.
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    Change the green background to a lighter colour rests looks good!
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    "Health Optimization" is sounds very odd. Please change your header Tag words.
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    Hello Partners-in-Progress,

    i've effected the necessary repairs on my

    What's your take on it?

    Does it still have issues? I'll love to hear from you.

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    Hi, I'd suggest re-ordering your top menu, I guess they are in the default order?

    Also I'd do something with the signup form, make the text bigger & condense it, something like "Enter Your Information In The Form Below For Instant Access"
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    Looking much better. I like the new banner, much smoother on the eyes than the previous one was.

    supergrrl has 2 good points.

    I'd also think about showing summaries of the posts with a read more link rather than showing the full posts, that's an awful lot of scrolling.
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