HELP! Not aligning correctly in IE, but works fine in Firefox and Chrome

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Hello Everyone.

I decided to build up a landing page today for a dating offer. I wanted to do a geo target location on top of an image and it looks fine in Firefox and Chrome but when you load it in IE it goes too far to the right.

Mature Dating Only - Find Single Women

That's the site. You'll notice that if you open it in IE your city will be aligned too far right.

What can I do to fix this? If you need the code let me know.

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  • Seanman05,

    This is a good question and you are battling with the same things that many web developers battle all the time. Developing a site for numerous different devices, browser versions and screen resolutions. Part of your issue may be with using position absolute and pixels as opposed to a more dynamic approach such as removing the absolute positioning and using percentages for positioning your elements.

    I visited your site using Firefox and the problem you described was present. It was also present in IE 8 and most of the text under the image was not visible until I zoomed out several times. When you use position absolute and let pixel ranges determine the placement of elemnts on the page, different screen resolutions and browser versions will position elements differently. Things may look fine on your machine but they will look messed up on other machines. By taking away the position absolute and using an attribute like float as well as percentages for widths, you allow a broader interpretation of where the elements should fall that many more devices will be able to render correctly.

    This post mainly talks about removing floats from CSS programming however there are some useful tips for positioning elements,

    Give Floats the Flick in CSS Layouts - SitePoint

    Hope that helps,

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    I agree with the float advice as that is a great practice. Also, when using position absolute you want to make sure it is attached correctly to a parent div. For example, if you are trying to absolutely position a div then it helps if you make the parent div relative and then position the div you are actually working with relational to that.
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