My Fitness Blog (Please Review)

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Any tips or advice would be great.

Thank you.
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    I'm a big fan of white space but you may have a bit to much. You can probably make the logo and header shorter. That is prime real estate up there!
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    Your blog design needs a professional touch. It looks like a generic website at the moment.
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      you think I should spend the money on a premium theme? I made the header myself (first time I ever made one), so I did not expect it to be great.
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    How about some "before" and "after" images??
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  • Hello,
    From my point of view:

    1) as you say this ur first time so I can say its over all good
    2) Add social button to your main domain.
    3)On your ON-PAGE SEO its bad (Even for your forum too)
    so take care for it
    a) No meta DECP or KW found..
    b) Do tc for your meta title also
    4) Whn you do post any content keep in mind to give correct tags on the SEO filed..

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    This is a very simple site. The theme is boring, the color scheme is bland and the logo is horrible. I suggest you buy or download a new theme that brings out what you are trying to do with the site and also spend some money on a killer logo.
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    its simple blog and design not good
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    It is missing images and videos. Good luck!
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    You can download a lot of premium themes through pirates bay. It needs a designers touch.

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    Yeah you have too much space. You should actually brand the site around you. Have someone build you a wordpress theme you can easily customize an add video works out and ect.

    You have a lot of work. Just google keyword search shortcut to six-pack abs and see how a good fitness blog is ran and look and see how the monetize it.
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    Hey just go through the link which you given. I think it's really amazing. people should have a look at it. I appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing.
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      Go for on page optimization first, like you have not added
      Meta Tag Description
      Meta Tag Keywords
      Header Tags.
      Choose some relevant keywords for your site and add .
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    You should add images to articles (in this short excerpt).
    Also, maybe do a little bit more professional header, the image seems to be of low quality and the overall design of the header could be better
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    Hey Buddy,

    It's a great site for a starter.

    Design feedbacks:
    1. Design is too plain. Maybe you can have any graphic that will fit your niche.
    2. Try to have a slider with featured posts.
    3. Make use of your side bar.
    4. Maybe you can cut your blog roll because it is way too long.

    Go for improvements.

    Good luck!

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    Add more banners/images , and keep it updated
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    The design looks alright, but not great, IMO...
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    Thumbnails for posts
    more widgets in sidebar
    social share buttons (Sharexy, Share and Follow - plugins for Wordpress)
    privacy policy page, stemap page...
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    you should change the header banner...

    its not good looking for me personal..also the green not match with the layout web..
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    its very dated tbh...try going for a more modern design!
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    replace the header... It looks a little dull, I suggest that you make it sharper. You might want to make sure that the text and the image to the right perfectly blends with its background. The color of your header is being eaten by your background. you might want to go for a white background instead. You header fonts are too small and italic making it almost hard enough to read.

    Put more images like a man or woman on a workout outfit or probably working out...anything that would make you wanna check this website out when you bump into it. Best of Luck
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    I think it is a Wordpress blog. The Wordpress theme which you have used is very common. With more attractive Wordpress theme you can grab more attention of the user who are visiting your wordpress blog.
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    Your blog looks quite basic. You need to design it to match your fitness niche. Get eye-catching header images and pictures to attract people and make them stay.
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    Your front page have some flaws :

    1. Too much space
    2. Very short excerpt
    3. No images
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    What are your goals for this website? These are important things to consider when designing a website or selecting a Wordpress theme for your site.
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      ~You need a different theme on this and something that is easier to read. Try putting some images next to your posts. I would just click away from this in its current state. Study blogs in the niche and see how they are laying stuff out.

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    Me thinks you need to check your theme design. Try adding more interesting pictures to it and then maybe you can page break after 3-4 sentences on your posts. It's clean but maybe too clean.


    Mea @ OutSource Factor
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    I've seen a lot of fitness type blogs so I hope my advise will help you out.

    Your homepage is boring - spice it up with other things other than a blogroll, such as:
    Put images of workouts - videos also.
    Use your content for your other pages as an asset for your home page and inform clients that you have a lot of content to share.
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      website looking very nice with light color...and your website provide good informations for fitness
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    You must find a better theme. There are plenty out there even Free.... Try to use images on your articles... Make a separate front page.
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    I am a strong believer in getting content up before choosing design as the size of the different content areas should be partially determined by the content that is going into them. That said before you worry about anything else change the length of your excerpts. They need to be longer. I expect yours are short because you have short ones entered under the descriptions. You are not giving people enough of the articles in the front page or category pages to make them interested in clicking through to the articles.

    If longer excerpts don't work them change the part in the theme that says theexcerpt() to thecontent() and use 'more' tags in the posts.

    and the advice you got about adding pictures and thumbnails was good too.
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    Everyone seems to have valuable information in this post.
    In my opinion, the text formatting of each blog entry had no problems, save for that each entry looks a little short, beefing them up adds credibility to your site.
    Also, the idea of a more correlative header/logo would help, as well as linking to videos, to draw in readers.
    While I'm not sure how customizable your theme is, a completely white background for the content of your website could give it a lot more readability.
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  • Profile picture of the author Antonio J.
    You could ad some background color to your text that is different than the actual page background.
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