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Wordpress question:

I want to delete the 6 "categories" I originally set up and just have all the posts assigned to 1 main category. I want to then change the permalink to just postname instead of category/postname.

If I do this, will there be any issues with losing any backlinks currently pointing to each of the old post url's - will there be 404 errors?

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    As I understand the nature of permalinks I believe you will. Others may have better information on this. It's been a while since I was studying up on permalinks but as I recall it's best not to change them once you have settled on a format /structure for the y reason you cite .

    I am currently building up a site and I find myself occasionally changing my categories and thus my permalink structure but because it is a new site and doesn't really have any backlinks built up I haven't concerned myself with this issue with permalinks at present. So I'm getting all those changes made now.
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    You should 301 redirect the old URLs to the new URLs.

    You can likely do it via htaccess with some lengthy regex patterns but it can be difficult at times since there is often no consistency in WP link structures.
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