Why Does Blackhat-SEO Copying My Website Name And Text

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I just starting building a new wordpress blog website that talks about fashion. There are some blackhat SEO individuals or companies copying my tekst and my website domain name (without the .com) and past this to their scam site.

Then they use some of my text to hyperlink their site to the site they want to get SEO-ed.

Can anyone explain to me why they do this? I understand this is a SEO purpose of them trying to fool Google, but does this have any negative impact on my site?

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    Don't worry, this is not their purpose to fool Google, rather they themselves are biggest fools. They do this simply to create as many posts as possible and display ads to earn money. Just ignore them and focus on creating quality niche specific articles.
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    Alex, don't just ignore them.

    If they are stealing your content - follow the suggestions in this thread:
    http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...r-content.html (DMCA notice)

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    If you can work out their IP address from your stats logs you could block them from seeing the site (and therefore copying your content), via the .htaccess file. All it takes is one line of text.


    deny from 98.

    will block all addresses in the 98 address range. I do this all the time with blog comment spammers. I look in Awstats for the IP addresses consuming the most bandwidth, look up their location and then if they are not a search engine, I ban them from my site.
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