kindly review this Website !

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Hi friends,

Can you please review this website

Online IT Training Courses

And give some suggestions like changes etc. If any thing required.
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    Hello powerofschool!

    I just checked out your website. Let me start by saying that I'm no expert. What I see however is a clean and organized site. The design is good and I really like the laptop at the top that can change slides. Maybe the most viewed part of it could need more organizing. Again I'm no expert but maybe make the link bold?

    That's all I have so far. Goodluck!

    Mea @ Outsource Factor
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  • Powerofschool,

    You have a really great start on your site here. There were a few things that I noticed.

    Your main navigation and global navigation both have a home link in them. Generally this is reserved for the global menu at the top of the screen. I would remove it from the navigation above the banner.

    Many of your menu items seem to be related except for the health and childcare ones at the far right. Not sure what those have to do with IT training and they don’t lead anywhere. You may also want to consider centering the main navigation; it just makes the menu look better.

    You don’t have a lot of copy on the individual course pages. I would consider writing some more stuff about classes and in general how your classes are superior to any competitors. Or perhaps a bulleted list of benefits.

    Another thing I noticed that was lacking was a call to action and mechanism for registration for a course. I’m not sure how you plan on having people sign up but having some kind of button or link to start a form process on the course description page would seem to make sense.

    One last thing, the links to your social media presence either lead to the general home pages of the social sites or are broken.

    I would recommend reading this book. It has great tips on simple web conventions and design,

    Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to...Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to...
    Hope those suggestions help,

    Outsource to the experts...

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    Hi the content authority,

    Thanks for your review of the site.

    The site was in the initial stage, so many things not added.

    Now every thing has been added in the site including social networking links etc.

    And content yet to be added for the courses.

    Once again thanks for your response.

    Some more suggestions will be helpful.


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