If you have some spare time, review site please :)

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Hi Guys and Gals,

I am trying to build a site / online store around an artist and I was just wondering what people thought of the site and if there was any improvements people could suggest. As I am a little bit of a beginner.

I know its a huge ask but if you have some spare time have a look.


Sara Paxton Artworks - HomeSara Paxton Artworks
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    The website takes a bit too long to lead, you should deal with that first.

    I think that the homepage is a bit too crowded, you should stick with less posts - or maybe switch to a presentation type homepage, not the blog directly.

    Good luck!

    Graphic Designer. I bridge the gap between a great story and the audience it needs to reach.

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      thanks Ill have a look into some of the cache stuff to speed up the load time first
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    Hey Paxton,

    I agree the load time on the site is a bit slow. I noticed a lot of png images and since your site is on a white canvas converting all the png's to jpg's will help the site speed.

    Not bad for a beginner though

    Thanks Joe
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      Thanks Joe,

      Ill try and change the .PNG files in photoshop then upload them again.
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    I agree with the others on the load time. It seems that it's taking quite a while to load.

    As for the design of the site, I like the simplicity of it because it puts the focus on your artwork, which is amazing! The only suggestion I would offer is to try and put even more focus on your artwork. You may want to consider a different home page layout that displays your different art collections instead of the blog style.

    Great work on the site and on your paintings!
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    Looks and feels good but takes forever to load even with my internet that is super fast

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    This is a good site to start

    But revenue from the site
    You should work more on graphics and website design
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    Yes, the site is a bit slow to load.

    And I would remove the Adsense banner. I think that it doesn't make sense in a Portfolio website.

    Good luck!
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      IE9 gives me this message: "An addon for the website failed to run."
      In typical Microsoft fashion, the message provides no useful information.

      None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
      --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Elective Affinities (1809)

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    Looking good and like everyone have said, try to get that loading time low. Also add favicon to your site Little but important thing.
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      Thanks guys I have looked into the loading time and installed W3 total cache and changed the .png to .jpg. Is there any other methods I could use to make the site faster.

      Thank you all for the suggestions, it really helps.
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    Yea it's a bit faster, i guess you need a faster hosting to speed it up more. What hosting plan are you using at the moment?
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      I do need a new host your right. I got a friend to set it up a while back when I didn't really know much about hosts and I don't think this sites host server is one of the top on offer.

      I may look at switching to host gator or blue host.

      Is it a lot of work to switch hosts?
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