My Latest Design - Is it Sales-worthy?

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I'm trying to break into web design so I can sell my designs for a little bit of supplemental income on the side of the day job that I currently do not have.

What do you think about this design? Do you think it's sales-worthy? How could I improve on it? Constructive criticism, please!

Also, any courses or books that could help me improve my design skills would be great, too!
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    The design appears to be a good start! Check out ThemeForest. They have guidelines as to what your design and files should contain.
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    Not really a fan of black background and whit writing. I think other colors are easier on the eyes. Looks good apart from the color.
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    Hmm.. I think I need to clean it up a bit. I have to put something more professional looking on the "From the Blog" section.
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    Take this as constructive criticism, nothing else.
    Overall, it's not very good. Wrong color palette, fonts, and not enough polish to be sell-able.
    The layout is ok for a simple site, but needs much polishing.

    As mgreener stated, browse the latest designs on themeforest with high sales/popular.
    Also browse the "psd" section for new design ideas.
    Browse the envato network of sites (psdtuts, wptuts, net tuts, etc) and watch the tutorials on topography, design, color palettes, and usability.
    I would avoid dark backgrounds until you feel very confident, they need to be done just right to work well.
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    It's a good start, so just keep polishing and fine-tuning and before you know it you'll be releasing a worthy design. I wouldn't worry about any coding until you get the design aspect nailed.
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    As others have said the design is not too bad and certainly
    good for a first effort. I'd follow the advice you've already
    been given...especially the great post by David V

    The tutorial sites he recommended are very good and you'll
    benefit a LOT from them. My favorite of the bunch is
    Web development tutorials, from beginner to advanced | Nettuts+

    The other thing I'd suggest is doing a few free jobs for friends,
    family, local groups/clubs/organizations or your favorite local
    band...ANYTHING to just get the ball rolling.

    Once it starts rolling you'll be pleasantly surprised where it
    takes you

    Good luck

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      Please take this as constructive and nothing else.

      If I landed there I would click the back button. I have a 22 inch monitor and still can't read it with your color choices. That purple on black is painful to attempt to read.

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    HMMM get a pro to help you. It isnt worth going alone until you have what it takes.
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    Good design, just take out the blue text color and replace with another color.
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      Overall, I like it.

      I'd add more colour variation to the logo though.

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    I do agree and feel that I sort of half-assed it there towards the end. I've no idea why I chose that blue/purple. I promise that I started with a color scheme and then just sorta blew it off as I went.

    Also, in my defense, Imageshack shrunk it.
    Here's the actual size.

    I really have no excuse for this design, though. I've laid it to rest.

    I have been watching a series of videos from Tuts+ since about 9pm last night (14 hours ago, with one interval to watch Batman from 1989 with Jack Nicholson) and I've learned quite a bit. Here's something else I've designed in the last couple of days. It's much better, but it still seems a bit flat. When it comes down to designing, it's hard to fill a page when I've no idea what may actually fill the space when it goes to HTML or WP.
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