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I hoping to get an honest review of my Robert Lowdon Photography website any opinions and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Robert,

    There's potential for a visually stunning website. But the first impression I get is that there's too much going on, on the homepage. The typography can do with some work too. I'll try to be brief -

    (1) There's a lot of navigation text above the photo. Too much for that amount of space. If you want it all there - reduce the font size and also perhaps go with a lighter color shade.

    (2) The top right corner of the photo is the only one that's not rounded

    (3) For the text in the body, which font are you using? Is it a serif font, if so - switch to a sans-serif font like Verdana, Trebuchet etc.

    (4) You have a huge, stunning photo on the homepage, let that be the focus. The images for "Request and Consultation' & 'Book your next event' give the page a crowded look. Lose them. Or change their position/size etc.

    (5) Coming back to the text - The heading and the various points that make up the sub-heading aren't aesthetically appealing.

    (6) The mailing list form does not need a Website field.

    (7) The text above the footer looks like it doesn't belong there.

    (8) This is just a suggestion - instead of a static homepage sized image, why not go in for a slider? Maybe put the rest of the information (currently under Company/Clients etc.) on another page. Just have the huge image, navigation + some very basic information that'll engage and put the visitor at ease that s/he is in the right place.

    Hope that helps!

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    Reeta gave you great advice. The big image is somehow disturbing because it stays still. I think most of the visitors (like me) are waiting it to change or something. The site needs movement

    "there's too much going on"
    That's true, make those Photo Blog, Weblog and Client Area links a lot smaller and remove the shadow, use normal text with hover effect maybe.

    Did a preview for you how you could change the site:
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    Thanks for the great info!
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    Certainly agree with what has been stated thus far! As a photographer and designer I will certainly say that in creating a showcase website, 'Less Is More'. The images are the prime focus, keep the navigation small and simple, no need for the drop shadows etc.

    Also I highly suggest that you build on Wordpress instead of Wix. It will give you many more possibilities for future expansion ad you can also benefit from the thousands of clean photographic portfolio themes available!

    Feel free to contact me if you need more assistance.
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    to me the theme looks to clogged not much of balance I see through the site

    I saw it like a white background put some images and text like a stock template

    I suggest revamping the template to stand out

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    Nice site but maybe shrink the home page main image a bit - it's huge!

    Also why not watermark your images?
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    yup now the site is better than before.nice work robert
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