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by itdon
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Hi Friends Plz make nice review for my ladies website
Latest Dresses Collection 2013, Salwar kameez, Shoes, Tattoos, Mehndi Designs, Jewellery, Saree, Kurta, Bridal Makeup, Nails, Hairstyle, Fashion 2013, if this section not for this please worn me
Thank u
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    Depending on your objectives, I would suggest are more current, modern look. Such as used by Trendland

    Or this free theme > Grid Style
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    Also try to implement a theme with responsive design, so your website can be available for tablets and smartphones devices.
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    looks like a stock theme I would suggest a full redesign of your template to make it more attractive

    Affordable and Professional Webdesign Services
    Portfolio : BluPointDesign - TopNotch Design Solutions

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    The site is a bit confused because of the Adsense. You should put first the content and then the publicity.

    I would also add a footer to it.
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    The characters at the navigation bar is smaller than the characters in Adsense characters above which might confuse visitors a bit
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    I agree that maybe a change of layout will be good. I have seen numerous websites with almost the same layout. maybe minimize the amount of photos on the front page to make it a bit modern looking? hope that helps.
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    Your site is very slow to load. I like the banner and color combination.
    I think you should make it more neat and clean.
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    Overall is good. But you should customize some background color or you can change your theme as your niche so that you blog look more beautiful as that niche.
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    the header looks too basic and it doesn't look like a website header, it looks like a banner and it's not doing its job to grab attention and impact visually.

    I would change that violet color.

    In my humble opinion, a fashion website needs to look minimal, clean and white. the pictures should be the main focus, look for fashion websites on google you will see they are all mostly white and very very minimalistic.

    I hope this helps.

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