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Hey there people.
Look, i did finish (90%) my webpage + forums..
Its simple, on white, joomla, and i really want to know if there is anything to change or to ADD.

SEO is not very good, but ill work on that later also, so far, i will work on design. I dont want to change it anymore..So this way i ask you people, to share a review with me. - free hosting
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  • Florinhangu,

    You have a really good start here. I have some suggestions. I would move the menu items “terms of use” “privacy” and “contact” to the footer of the site. Also, I would make your service offerings stand out a little more by changing the boxes to a slightly darker color different than the white background. Also, you still have the Joomla favicon installed.

    Here are some tips for web design,

    Web Design Tips

    Hope that helps,

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    Under why choose us you have "Professional Panel" as your last bullet point. Professional Panel what? Does that mean C panel? I would make that more clear.

    Under types of accounts you have freak account. Here's the problem, I don't see the monsters until I scroll down. So I have no mental connection to what you are talking about. Freak? You mean I like to get my freak on, my women's a freak? What? You see what I mean, I have not connected with your concept because I can't see the little fuzzy monster dudes yet. You might think this is trivial but me hitting the back button because I'm not a freak is no laughing matter to your pocket book.

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      Also I completely agree with Jacob on his point below.

      "- For Mini Host and Freak Host, the single block of text is not good. Break up the features into bullet points."

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    Your logo has spelling error. I would fix this first as it is the first thing people will see.

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    Okay, i read them barely now, i waited like 3 days and nobody reply, so i gave up.
    Okay, thats many new stuff, i agree, so ill work on it, right away.

    Thank you, and keep close, ill need you again.

    EDIT: I did make some changes, and i did try to make it how you suggest me.
    However, i will not change that shared hosting page and split in 2 tables, its useless and i have to work, again :p
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    If someone put the mouse cursor on contact then in the drop down three options appear, which gives the feeling that the visitor can only click on the below 3 drop down.But actually contact is on contact tab.Can you make it more clear for the visitors so that they do not get confused. I hope i made my point clear and you understand what i mean.
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      It is simple but I like it.

      I just would add a footer to it. Good luck!
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