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Hi everybody,

I am creating a website for my client in cosmetic niche using a wordpress theme which has beautiful slider built in.

My main question is how to get free images of resolution ( 896px x 350px) to use in my slider since if I use images bigger or smaller then recommended resolution it spoils the look.

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    When I was working for paying clients I either bought some royalty-free images or discussed with them about purchasing such images.

    Why do you need "free"?

    Next, after purchasing an image that you can use legally, you can resize/crop them to the exact dimensions you need.

    What is so complicated in this?

    EDIT. p.s. - 896px x 350px is NOT resolution, this is dimensions measured in pixels!

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    All that matters is the image is the same size or larger. You don't want images that are smaller than the slider because they'll look like crap If you try to scale the image size up.

    Even something basic like MS Paint will let you scale/crop an image down to the size you need.
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    You can get images that are free for any use at this site:

    Morguefile.com free stock photos

    You are free to edit and change the images too, in fact they have a basic image editor built into the site. It's a fantastic resource! Good luck.

    PS. Let me know if you need help sizing your images, I'm happy to help out.
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    Do this:

    1 - Search google for "cosmetics"
    2 - Click Image search
    3 - Click "Options" - "Advanced search"
    4 - At the bottom under "Usage rights:" choose "free to use or share, even commercially"
    5 - Click the button "Advanced search".

    You now have a heck of a lot of images to use as you want.

    When you find a few you want to use, that are larger than your target format, go to this site: imageoptimizer.net, upload your file, select quality and size then click the button named "Optimize now!"

    When the web service is finished optimizing and resizing your image, click "Download to your computer".

    You now have highly optimized images ready for the web, as small as they can be, in the right size, free to use even commercially like on a sales page or any other site.

    You can also see some of the public domain image sites out there. But if it's online, google image search has most likely found it already. That's why it's a great thing to use.

    Good luck!

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    Try FreeDigitalPhotos dot net to get quality photos for free.
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      Originally Posted by zubizubi View Post

      Try FreeDigitalPhotos dot net to get quality photos for free.
      Don't believe everything... unless you check the terms:
      Attribution required
      If you use this free image, you must publish an acknowledgement to FreeDigitalPhotos.net and the image creator on the same page or screen where the image is used.
      If you are unwilling or unable to publish an acknowledgement, you must purchase the image, to avoid this requirement.

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