WP theme development: Is there a reason my theme doesn't show widgets, menus option in dashboard?

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So I'm trying to learn the WP codex and attempting to create my first WP theme through tutorials.

I'm a real beginner at this so forgive my ignorance.

My theme is not showing widgets or menu options in the dashboard.
All that shows under "Appearances" is Themes and Editor.

Is there something I missed? In the tutorial, they seem to have it.
Could somebody help me please?

Thanks a lot.
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    EDIT: scratch the explanation below, I misread your post.

    I have no idea why those links aren't showing in your menu. What I would do first is remove your theme from the wp-content/themes folder and see if they show back up. It's remotely possible that you have a coding error that's causing them to disappear.

    Original answer:

    In order for those links to show, your theme needs to have registered at least one menu location, and one sidebar.

    Here is the main page in the Codex regarding menus: Navigation Menus « WordPress Codex

    And this one covers registering sidebars: Function Reference/register sidebar « WordPress Codex

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