Three hours of my life bet there is a simple answer

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Like a man lost in a strange town I hate to ask for directions
but.............I am in a cul de sac with no reverse gear.

My site is at I am trying to add a PDF link
to first post you see there (Fast 50) fine in Chrome/Firefox but not explorer - just says page cannot be found.

Additionally in Book section images comes up in chrome but not explorer.

Just wondering if anyone has encountered/solved this.

Big percentage of people must use explorer, as when I asked for some feedback a lot said they could not open link (guessing all explorer users).

Tried everything cannot figure it out. Appreciate some Warrior wisdom

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    Which versions of IE?

    I am testing with IE9 and in IE9 mode everything is "okay", but in other modes (IE7, IE8) you have problems.

    Watching at your code could help:

    <h3><strong><a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-306" title="600X800 Personal Best" src="" alt="Self improvement" width="225" height="300" /></a> </strong></h3>
    Now, you put an image in an a tag, that's okay. But why strong and h3? Not very clean I must say ;-)

    This could be a problem.

    Oh and for your PDF I would use a force-download solution (Google htaccess force download)

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      Cheers Michael thanks for such a quick response I have the technical skill set of an aardvark so only understand a limited amount of what you say - I need to spend some time reviewing site structure.

      I am using latest version of IE - maybe it's this PC. I will check out forced download - guessing this is something that needs dropped into code.

      Really appreciate your input thanks again Michael

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