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by Zaiyan
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Dear Warriors,

I have a website

It's an Indian website relating to quotes and shayari's.

Although the keyword "shayari" has a lot of traffic I shockingly get very low traffic and the adsense I applied on it is also not working for me (close to nil).

I would be very grateful if you could help me out with my website seo and some tips to increase my adsense revenue and my "website traffic".

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    Your site never loaded for me.
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    Try a different layout, one that mixes contextual ads with your jokes better.

    Also try get some longtail keywords for your site and slowly build links using them
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    It loads a little slow.
    Shayari | Hindi Shayari | Sher-O-Shayari | SMS | Jokes | Riddles
    Are these suppose to be links? Cause they dont work. Also some images would be nice.
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  • Zaiyan,

    As mentioned by the other member, if your ads aren’t doing well, it is a good sign that they are not targeted well to visitors. That being said if you aren’t receiving a lot of traffic it won’t matter if they are highly relevant or not.

    Have you tried to optimize for more than just the shayari keyword? If not, this is part of your problem. You should try targeted at least a handful of keywords and try to stay away from more general ones unless absolutely necessary. This is because, even though they may have a high search volume, they are also general in nature and searchers using them could be looking for any number of things related or unrelated to your content. For example, if someone selling furnace installation services tries to target the keyword furnace, they quality of traffic that they receive for that word is not going to be as good as say “furnace installation + city name”. Someone only typing in furnace may be wondering what a furnace is, how to spell it, an image of one for their own purposes, etc. Try and get as targeted as possible. You may receive less traffic but the quality of the traffic will be better. Does that make sense?

    Here is a good post about targeting longtail keywords,

    Long Tail Keyword Research for SEO: What to Know

    Hope that helps,

    Outsource to the experts...

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    I tried 3 times. The site is not loaded for me.

    Get Free traffic from 330 Million Active Users ... automatically >>>

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    It is a very basic design.

    It is missing at least a new header and a favicon image.
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    after reviewing your have to do a littile work.

    1. change the layout.
    2. if you put adsense code then target adsense optimized wp theme. these are clean layout and optimized for adsense earning and customize your adsense ads to your wp theme.
    3.put a colorful header graphics.
    4.submit your sitemap
    5. create fb fan page and add the page, share with your friends.

    for more: you can put your shayari on images or create text images shayari share on fb and pinterest . get traffic from images also put a proper alt tag.

    I'm Ready for learning.

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    The color is good but needs a little improvement. Add more accent to it and color combination so that it would be palatable to the eyes. Add some graphics and images to enhance appeal to the visitors.
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