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Looking for feedback and suggestion for my health and fitness site. Trying to improve it as much as possible. My Website - Health Blog

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    1. Start by getting a better header and logo image. The image with the apples you used is a bit stretched and of low quality.
    2. The last post "Best Ways To Boost Your Metabolism" has all it's text centered. fix that.
    3. Stick with just one main menu. Either the top one or the one under the header.
    4. Maybe use a payed hosting service. The one you use now inserts lots of links in your articles and it kinda looks spammy.

    Other then that It looks good, clean and organized.
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    Definitely get some paid hosting. It does look spammy
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    Looks pretty spammy.

    Have you considered a premium Wordpress theme?

    For example Elegant Themes has all their awesome themes available for just $40.

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      I would reverse the color of the header and give it a solid green apple look
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        -I Agree with Kevin Burns, Reverse the color of Header and make that backdrop of the header green, and the letetrs and different color, black or white. making the the header a solid color is going to seperate the header from the rest of the blog, and make it more pronounce. right now the header and the "rest of the blog" is melted together.

        -Someone else recommended only one menu bar, I would say thats a MUST. either the one at the top OR the one under the header. also, privacy, and about me and etc.. I think are always best at the bottom of the website.

        -other than that, i like the site, its clean, nice and presentable.
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    Note: I posted it in your other thread which is now locked due to duplicate issue. Thanks to Mod for locking that and pointing to this thread.. so here is my review


    Hi Tony,

    Good clean design.

    However I will be honest with you that i got headache visiting your website due to TWO design issues!!!
    Really that background which is not aligned to the screen gave me tough time
    with my alignment... also top bar which is displayed when i browse little down...
    also seems to be very fancy distracting stuff... both of these items seemed to me
    design mistakes... Personally i would get rid of these two disractions so my site's content
    get focused...

    Hope this help, i know it is little negative review but i just wanted to let you know.

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    Health & fitness is unbelievably competitive as you probably know. You'll have to do something to make your site unique if you're really going to stand out. You should start out with a logo that looks like something more than just clip art. My other suggestion would be to give people an introduction to your blog, what it's about, and what makes it unique. This would be a nice introduction for new visitors rather than just going into your first post.
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      Thanks everyone for the input so far. I think the new template does look a lot better. But I think I been focusing to much on my content and not enough on my design and look for the readers.
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        Have you thought about your content strategy? Creating a content calendar is a great way to stay organized also. How often will you update your site?
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          IMO there is too much going on.

          Immediately I am confronted by sliding images at the top, and that's against a background with imagery. The logo in the header is very poor - better to outsource one to Fiverr.

          The navigation categories are too general. Not enough personalisation ... like, even if you called it 'Dave's Health Site' it would be an improvement. Oh, and try shaving the social icons down to the essentials (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, Stumbleupon?).

          I mean, I think you could revolutionise that site in just a couple of hours. For me, it'd just be a case of stripping things out, reducing elements, and adding a bit more punch to the writing.
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            Actually waiting on a Fiverr banner now lol just changed theme over this weekend and waiting for banner to be done.
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