If I change my Worpress theme, will I lose my content?

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I am using a them and have content on it, but it is not working right since I updated it. So im thinking of trashing it switching to another theme. I do not want to redo all the content/links give or take a few due to theme differences. Most importantly I do not want to lose my content entirely. I do have backups.
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    NO, you will not. Only your site's design will be changed accordingly .
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      Content will stay the same UNLESS you are using Shortcodes inside your content and your new theme functions dont have the same shortcodes then you will.

      like [Button] or [column]

      If you have never heard of shortcodes, you are probably safe.
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    Great thank you!
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    I recommend you to backup your website before doing any change. Surely you content won't be lost but some of formats and the arrangement may be different
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    A blanket 'no' doesn't really cut it here. No, you won't lose any content - nothing will be deleted from the database on theme change - but if your theme uses custom post types (which really belong in a plugin, but that's a different discussion) and you switch to a theme that doesn't support them, then that content will disappear.

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    Before switching to another themes you need to save your current page content in your computer.

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    Do a back up through cpanel to be on the safe side. You won't lose content but you may have to edit the details in some plugins.
    Once you have done it once, you will have the confidence to do it again and see what actually happens.

    If you wanted to you could always set up another blog and just use it as your experimenting blog until you felt more confident to make changes.

    The key thing is to back up and then you can't go wrong. Most hosting companies offer very good support for when things do go wrong.
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    You need to save your content from your website to your local desk ..After change your theme update your content again to your website.
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