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Hey everyone, here is my squeeze page I recently created. First time creating a squeeze page using OptimizePress. Anyone have any suggestions or tips?

Page Here: Entreprenaire.com


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    I'm not sure if it's just me but it took a very long time to load.

    I fix WordPress problems, PM me if you need help

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      Originally Posted by jbyte View Post

      I'm not sure if it's just me but it took a very long time to load.
      I had the same thing! I even clicked it away because it was just to long.
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        I think your squeeze page looks great...
        but I agree with the others...your page takes a looooooong time to load.

        I didn't see any graphics on your page that would cause it to load so slowly,
        so it might be a problem with the web server your hosting your page on.
        This tends to happen a lot on shared servers.

        If the problem persist, you might want to contact the site administrator
        or upgrade to a dedicated server.
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    Thanks guys, I am definitely looking into getting a server. I'm with GoDaddy hosting right now. Do you think that could be a another reason why my sites load so slow as well? I am strongly considering making the switch to HostGator. Also, is VPS hosting a viable alternative to a dedicated server?

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    Worked fine for me, must have been just a server update or something. Looks great. I like the "entreprenaire" headline.
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      Originally Posted by Tyler S View Post

      Worked fine for me, must have been just a server update or something. Looks great. I like the "entreprenaire" headline.
      Thanks. Yeah, I thought it made the page more trusting and cleaner.
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        aesthetically speaking.. the graphics look great! great work.

        as for the text/copy.. needs work. Here's big tip I'd recommend..

        #1. Be more specific.. about EVERYTHING..

        don't just tell people they'll be successful.. tell them you'll teach them a little known youtube hack to bank $543.34 using free traffic..


        How to become a profitable affiliate?
        what is profitable? 10 cents? 50 cents? $3? $50?

        Step-By-Step checklist to affiliate success ?
        what is affiliate success? what does that mean?

        Headline of 'free guide to entrepeneur millionaire today ? what does that mean.. why do I want it.. etc.

        So do you see where specifics really make it sound like you have a plan and know what you're talking about..

        Headline -

        "Free Guide to Become an Entrepeneur Millionaire Today'

        could be something like:

        Discover 1 Weird ancient Japanese secret to 3x your Profit In 2013 in The Next 2 Weeks."

        "Shocking Report Reveals How a Redneck Broke Farmer Banked $532,305 and Became an Entrepenaire in Just 30 days!"

        Free Report: Reveals a 3 Step Formula to ________ in just ____ Using the Little Known Entreprenaire Method!"

        < see the specificity? Specific times. Specific dates. Specific Numbers.

        Build Your Online Fortune With Entreprenaire's Affiliate Blueprint! Get it now FREE!

        Nobody want's to build anything.. that sounds like work

        Discover the Unconventional Method to to Create a Massive Online Empire In Just ___! Hurry Limited Time Offer...

        Affiliate Blueprint < change this to something that sounds more exciting.

        Affiliate Espionage Blueprint..
        Commission Payday Blueprint
        Commission Killer Formula
        Massive Commission Siphon
        Commission Tsunami..

        Bullet Points - Use the examples of stuff I just came up with to come up with your own.

        'Get Your Ebook Now'

        An 'ebook' has very low perceived value... so I try to use words like ' Guide / System / Report / formula / etc. '

        Claim Your Free Guide Now!
        Claim this Controversial Guide While you still Can!

        Email Address / Name.

        I don't ever ask for Name anymore. it really decreases your opt in rate..
        and is unnecessary. Having their first name is cool for sending out emails with it either in the subject line or email copy.. but it's really not as effective as it used to be. most people are immune to it and realize it's just mass email / spam.

        So I'd recommend just asking for email address and watch as your opt in rate soars.

        I did a whole video series for on how to make bad ass squeeze pages..

        There ya go. yours free

        you just got hooked up.

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    Super slow loading... clicked away.

    Not professional if you ask me.

    HTML/CSS/jQuery/ZURB Foundation/Twitter Bootstrap/Wordpress/Frontend Performance Optimizing
    Need HTML/CSS help? Skype: microcosmic - Test Your Responsive Design - InternetCookies.eu

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      The squeeze page itself is just ok, but that domain name is FANTASTIC!

      It is super brandable, and very catchy.. I would highly suggest getting it professionally developed over at Odesk.com . Just look up guys who set up sales funnels/ squeeze pages.

      Good luck!

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    Very clean and inviting. Professional looking and not like some squeeze pages with pictures of money and cars, ect. Took no time to load for me, so I don't know why others are having issues.
    Qosso.com - Exceptional Branding At Affordable Prices
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    It loads fine for me. But... the page itself is too long. Cut away until everything fits above the fold. That little inch you make people scroll looses them.

    Apart from that, suggestions on improved copy have already been given.

    Free action plan : Think less. Do more.

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    Most squeeze pages that are successful show at least a little proof, or dig in to specifics a little bit more. At the moment I find the information vague enough to forget about. I think the easiest fix to this is to add more pictures. Add a pic of you and your car so people know you really do make money, add a screen-shot of the .pdf they will download to get them interested without being intrusive.

    An absence of contact information certainly detracts from a user's trust as well.
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    The squeeze page looks good just needs a little improvement on
    making it half the fold. But so far everything is great. The images
    and the graphics are great.

    Good job!
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    Looks good. Agree with what others mentioned about it taking long to load for what it actually loaded.

    Also received an "Error establishing a database connection" when signing up?
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