Is there any wordpress plugin for member specific downloads?

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I have a client who is willing to run a membership website where he wants to share personalized PDF file's with each member.
For Example: An investment firm shares member specific investment portfolio reports with that member in members area.
As of what i know it's possible to give & restrict access of the files for specific user role or membership level but as per my clients requirement i am not able to find a way.
So is there any option or plugin to fulfill my clients need and make this process auto-manual (I mean member specific reports should get added automatically ones they are generated in members area)?

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    MemberMouse lets you specify which products are accessible by membership level.

    As far as custom PDFs per member. We might be able to do that. I'll look into it.
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      Thanks Dancaron, i will checkout the features and speak with my colleagues about the plugin you shared..

      Originally Posted by dancaron View Post

      I asked a customer support specialist at MemberMouse about this and they said that in order to create a customized PDF for individual members there are a number of PDF libraries for PHP available, both free and paid, that can be utilized to do this. A couple are TCPDF and FPDF. Here's an example of how this work work:

      Say you have a protected page that only members can access where you want them to be able to download their personalized report. MemberMouse will take care of all of the content protection, billing and member management so all you'll need to do is include a link like this...

      <a href="[MM_Member_Data name='memberId']">Download My Personalized Report</a>

      MemberMouse will automatically take care of replacing the [MM_Member_Data] shortcode with the ID of the current member who's logged in (you call also pass any other member data you want using this shortcode including name, email, address, etc) but to keep things simple we'll just pass the member's ID.

      Now in the personalize_report.php script you'll use the ID passed to retrieve any personalized data your need to populate the report and then use the PHP PDF library to generate the PDF document. And voila! You have a personalized PDF document that's protected in a member's area.
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    I would recommend you Paid Memberships pro or MemberPress. They are quite cheap and will do the trick. However, if you need something more sophisticated then use WPMU Dev Membership .
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    Hi Ajay,

    DAP does what you're asking for. We call it "Member-Specific Content".


    - Ravi Jayagopal
    Podcast about Membership Sites & Online Courses
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    Hey guys i found free plugin to fulfill my needs.. sharing it because i think it may help others as well who are looking for similar functionality..

    WordPress › Support ยป SP Client Document & Project Manager

    This is exactly what i needed. I am using it with WPMU Dev Membership Plugin..
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