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by markv
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I am having lots of problems with bots of various descriptions following links on my web pages all the way to my Amazon links.

I have the redirections plugin installed and have added the name of the folder that all the links are redirected into robots.txt and instructed search engines not to visit. Since i have done this i am now having problems with lots of visits from rogue bots to the redirects folder. I am concerned that i may be losing affiliate commissions due to this activity.

After blocking the IPs of these bots and having a look at where these servers are located it occurred to me that most of them were chinese, Israeli, Luxemburg etc which are all countries that i dont sell to.

Is there any code that i can add to the .htaccess file in Wordpress to only allow visitors from the US?

I think lots of other people on the forum would find this information useful if it is possible to implement.

Thanks for your help
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