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After 4 years of incorrect blog creation and 4000 blog posts I have seen the light.

I have implemented a new theme, SEO friendly, based on a yoast website report and have been creating timeless blogs with correct structure.

However, I have 5400 broken links and images based on the Broken Link Checker.

Additionally, of our 2500 blog posts which are on app reviews, only 500 are optimized so I have been painstakingly going through each to optimize, while balancing new content output.

The trouble is Google is seeing massive changes and we are tumbling in search.

Any suggestions on how to approach this as it is my understanding that the broken links/images are doing considerable damage to our website overall.

thank you

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    Actually this might be more of an SEO question than a question for web design, guess it's on the fence. The rule for content change to follow is that big drastic change is better than endless tweaks on existing content. Can you create a test site (copy), fix everything and then switch them out? That way it's all at once, IMO better for keeping rankings steady. After major changes you may see a dip, but should recover quickly, hopefully stronger than before if you are doing the work.

    As far as the broken links, be careful if you are moving stuff around, even if it's to a better place... you could be interrupting the flow of link juice and changing the ranking dynamic of the whole site. Keep internal linking as simple as possible. If you are moving content you'll need to 301 redirect every time to keep your inbound links passing juice. HTH

    PS- switching themes is a beast, was your old theme so SEO unfriendly? Never seen a WP site so bad that it couldn't be patched up with a plugin
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      thank you for the help.

      Actually, there is more. We give out promo codes 5 to 20 a day for apps. We have been using a domain redeem-now and and this last weekend I removed 7,000 links that never had rel=nofollow.

      Also, deep dived into my comments and removed another 100 harmful links.

      As far as link juice, the pages I am dealing with absolutely have no rankings, but our website is a page rank 4.

      I can probably have all work done in a week or so at the rate I am going and may just tough it out.

      On the positive side we have 326 pages that have a page rank of 4 to 1 and we plan on using these to link build to our new 12 new landing pages, optimized and much smarter UI.

      Your thoughts?

      thank you again.

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    Ummmm... outsource it? lol kidding! I don't envy you, that is a huge head ache. But yes, sounds like you are on the right track. If you are going to fix it, it's better to get it all done in one big push or you will have constant fluctuations in the SERPs. Just know that while you are doing the work Google is not going to know what's going on. Your rankings may fluctuate but in the long run the purge should bring you back stronger. As soon as you're done purging I would start back steady adding good links and content to the revamped site to get you back on an even keel. If you can generate some extra traffic/ social signals during the adjustment period that can also help. Maybe a little promotional deal etc. Doesn't have to be anything crazy. Wishing you smooth sailing
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      Thank you so very much, I have made so many mistakes, that I am not sure what do to and was just doing what I had heard was best, clean up the broken stuff, optimize our existing content, not crazy like, just with a focus keyword, title, meta description, which 4000 of our blog posts do not have

      thank you again.

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    Actually... could be a rebel, but I'm a fan of dynamic meta descriptions thanks to my long time, awesome mentor. Means you leave the meta description up to Google. Google doesn't give any weight to keywords in your meta description anyways and if you don't specify one they will pick the excerpt that best matches (their opinion) the query. A single blog post could be ranking for other things aside from your targeted keywords, why not let the Search Engine decide which part of the content to display? Usually it shows where the searcher's search term appears in your post. Could save you some time.... Titles, yes definitely.

    Edit: Thought an example might help. Let's say you wrote a blog post about a recipe for creamy lobster bisque. You are targeting "creamy lobster bisque" as your keywords so you use that when you are writing your meta description.

    But then somewhere in your post you start talking about "crunchy garlic toast" and I (the searcher) have a craving for crunchy garlic toast. When I search for it I see your post in the results but it seems to only be talking about lobster bisque, where's my toast?? Your post title is focused on the bisque and your meta description only talks about the bisque so I don't click. But if you didn't have a meta description then I'd see where Google put the excerpt:

    "...on the side I like to serve crunchy garlic toast, it's so easy to make. You just need butter, minced garlic, salt..."

    Now that would make me click.
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