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I am having some issues deciding on which route to take for geo targeting content on some affiliate sites.

To give you a bit of background the sites will be wordpress based (mainly because of available plugins like WPallimport, WProbot and PHPbay) and will be getting traffic from all countries.

The monetization on these will be a combination of Ebay listings Amazon and Affiliate imports such as from CJ or Affiliate window in the UK

My issue is that getting a properly working setup for Geo targeting for all of the different items which can be shown is becoming increasingly difficult / complex.

I could just use PHP bay and use the Onelungthin geo targeting info to ensure I only show Amazon and Ebay ads in that way so a UK visitor will see Ebay.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk results only.

But that leaves me with no affiliate products from Wpallimport and no way to target these to specific countries (as some merchants do not ship abroad nor would people be as likely to buy from them)

The second option is to split the site into two distinct categories for mysite.com/UK and mysite.com/US this would remove any complexity for the geo targeting parts from PHP bay and allow me to probably just use wprobot and wpallimport to make the sites with php bay ads in widgets etc.

However it causes some issues with site structure and menu's etc if i want to setup the sites quickly and easily (which is one of the goals)

Final solution is to have two wordpress installs essentially separate and a geo targeting plugin which redirects any non targeted visitors to the UK version onto the US version. this however means 2 installs for each site and additional complexity again in regards to how to make the homepage (although that is a small worry as it will likely be a heading and two flags to link to the sites.)

So i put this forward to you warriors. How would you structure this style of affiliate site to ensure that all traffic when landing on the site was directed to the relevant pages for their country while not excluding any method of importing affiliate products onto the site.

I look forward to your responses.

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    any advice at all from anyone???
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      I am sure you could use JavaScript to get the visitors location and only show what you what to show them, in other words it will be the same page but with a different style sheet that removes anything you don't want shown
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        yep i considered this but it would mean creating manually every page / post with geo targeted content which is not so feasible when i get up to a few hundred or thousand pages and products.

        There are a couple of plugins available that will work for widgets etc in this sense but for content there is the option of using the onelung thin approach to single pages and geo targeted content based on page keywords but this wont work for affiliate products as there is no way to tatge them simply on import to only show to specific geo areas.
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    I am confused?

    You said you can’t use the plugins because the menu messes up. That sounds like a template problem. Have you tried rewriting the way the menu is being called?

    Or am I missing the problem?
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    Hi janeth

    its not a template issue. its down to making two seperate menus appear for mysite.com/uk or mysite.com/us

    that is not so much of an issue. i was looking for advice on how others had tackled the issue of having seperate areas of a single site to target different countries with different offers specifically.

    i can manage the menu bit with no issues. thats just a couple of plugins to show a menu on different areas of the site.

    How would you manage three or more sets of products being imported into wordpress which can (possibly) only be applicable to a signle country and use a geo targeting plugin to manage visitors to these pages.
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