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OutCast Comics - Your Comic Book Review Site

I bought this website from someone here in warrior forum, I think it was bad move from my side that I learnt from.

What do you guys think of it?

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  • Yoyo,

    Here are issues you can improve on easily:

    -Site took a good 6 seconds to connect to, longer than it should be.
    -use a favicon
    -You need tons of work on your meta tags. Nothing at all right now in your description/keywords
    -looks like you have noindex as well. You dont want your site listed in search engines?
    -Your logo is hard to read, I think because it's black and over a lot of dark images in the bg behind it.
    - also seems pretty slow to load.
    -Your blog posts by "outcast comics" has an avatar with the default image on there. Looks unprofessional. You should have a sharp logo or avatar there!

    Looks like you have a ton of content on there and lots of updates you can do to keep your site fresh! Keep that up it is great to keep visitors coming back. Is there a way you can get more keywords on each video on your blogs page? I see you have videos linked, then one tag per video. More tags will help with SEO I'm guessing
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    It's a good start. Keep adding content. I'd fill out the homepage a little more (add more info and graphics).
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      Ya Simple and good, but as a review site, make it easy and simple to add reviews from the visitors on your given review or their own review,

      Create own website
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    Good site to start. Needs a little improvement on graphics,layout and content. Fill it up.
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    Thanks guys for all the help!

    I bought this website off someone here on warrior forum, sadly he bailed on me & isn't helping me anymore!

    Since I know nothing about the technicalities of websites, anyone that does please PM to see if we could sort something out to monetize this website =)

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    I see your using wordpress so thats a good start, get rid of the buddypress theme and try some other themes that might suit better.

    All over your page source is "buddy press" this and buddy press that.
    This on its own shows goggle that you are not mixing it up.

    Instal free "slimstat" from the wordpress depository and see how many "real" visitors you are getting... you can block the bot view and you may be surprised at "real visitors"

    Then you can move towards natural SEO or paid traffic depending on your investment into your online biz.
    PM me if you want more help (for free)
    Cheers and good luck
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    Like the start, only issue i see on a quick look is " Where is the navigation?" Then i see it. It needs some contrast, navigation is barely visible.
    Also the logo and tag line needs improving in colors / size and integration.
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