Help me improve the design of the website I made.

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Hi All,

Currently my client doesn't like the landing page design of this website.
Resumes For A Richer Life | Just another WordPress site

I am planning to submit my client at least mock up design for the website I made for her.

Anyone can advise about this? It would be a great help for me. Help me to improve my landing and if you have time try to look at the other pages also if you feel there's a need for improvements.

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    Nice Start!

    "Twitter and FaceBook link" (Upper Left) is scrambled. Simply adjust the CSS.

    The header color turns me off. To me it does not fit (just my opinion).

    Excellent Logo.

    To Your Success,

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      How can you advice about the header?
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    It's pretty bad and looks amateurish. All around. The design, copy, typography, layout, photos, etc.
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      Then what would be the best design for this?
      My client just said that it must be simple.
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    Looks like an amateur job. No one uses tables with borders for the last 30 years or so. Photos with backgrounds rather than transparent pngs would be an improvement.

    Honestly, you shouldn't be selling something you aren't skilled at doing. Outsource it to someone who is a pro if design isn't something you're good at.
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    Hi Traviso, I am not surprised she doesn't like it, it really does look amateurish. Any number of free word press themes would look much better than it does at the moment. A nice premium theme is eConsultant Premium WordPress Theme, I think it will cost you $69, is there enough in the budget?

    All the best
    Eric R
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      My website has been around for about 3 years and I'm wondering if I'll benefit from changing the theme/layout etc.

      I get quite a few requests for advertising, which was something I never wanted to do with an authority site but now I've been paying a lot of attention to John Chow, I think I'm missing out.

      Any advice? The link to my site is at the bottom if anybody wants to check it out.

      est. April 2010

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    My advice is delete the "Just another Wordpress site" Title...
    And the buy now button from paypal is not really interesting for people, make that some special.
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    1. The home page is your sales page, but not a very good one. Expressing your offer (Unique Value Proposition) is job one. But you emphasize images instead. Put the offer text above everything else, not squeezed between two images.

    2. Both top images are "saying" almost the same thing, so get rid of one (she wants "simplicity).

    3. People (in Western cultures) read from left to right - so de-emphasize the images by putting them to the right of the text.

    4. That woman in the lower image is looking left - off the page. This draws our eye path away from the offer text. Moving her to the right of the text has her looking at the text. This helps the eye path. Make her image smaller, so it doesn't compete so much with the offer text. When on the left, she also looks like she's "punching" the top image above her image.

    5. Speaking of eye path, it should be smooth and easy and vertical and in-line, not jumping left and right between images. Line up all the offer text vertically at it's left margin.

    6. Start the green backgrounds of the bullet points at the first one, so the last one doesn't look like it's not part of them.

    7. And put a very light border (round corners) around the whole list to keep it visually coherent. Consider a very light gray background for the whole list in that box. This will help emphasize the list Vs the images. Just try it and see how it looks - maybe it's not a good idea. No way to tell except to compare visually with and without. Or present both versions to the client and let them decide.

    8. To get a better idea of the visual effect of your pages, print them out in black and white.

    9. The comment above about using tables is true. And your text spacing in the tables is also poor.

    10. Your most professional looking page is the "Resume Revamp" page.

    11. The background color in the title bar is too strong (visually distracting) and too dark (for the proper contrast with the text).

    My advice is delete the "Just another Wordpress site" Title...
    Don't delete it. A website subtitle helps express your Unique Value Proposition. But use the text your client wants for the subtitle, not that default text from WordPress.

    Hope this helps...

    _jim coe
    "You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can't count the apples in a seed."
    Online Visual Communication expert
    Visual Marketing Info signup: Visual Marketing Online
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