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I am wondering if I could get some outside feedback about our sales page for our new video course I put together about RFP's, Proposals, and Contracts for Web Designers.

RFPs, Proposals, and Contracts

I have gotten awesome feedback so far but things can always be better, right?

I guess I would like some feedback about the following:
  • Sales copy - what can make it convert better?
  • Price point - what would you think this course is really worth in the real world?
  • Any other suggestions?
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    Hi, well the truth is that this will convert maybe just a little, you might get 1/2 a percent or so.

    I didn't watch the video because I don't have time for that. However, each element of your page needs to be redone.

    There's just too much competition above the fold for my eyes that your title is 2nd or 3rd down the list of what gets looked at.

    The title does not make a big enough promise to make me want to read your hook and you have no hook.

    Your bullet points are weak and in MANY places you tell me (the prospect) in no uncertain terms that I'm an idiot. big no, no.

    Your price point is fine. If you had a really strong sales page you could split test $97 and I think you'd get it.

    These are just a couple of things but each element needs a redo.

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    To be honest with you, I don't really like the way you display Modules and other elements.

    The worst is that we can see pixels on each pictures you use, and it makes your page looks too cheap for someone who earns a 6 figures income... If you don't change it, You'll lose your credibility.

    I'm certainly a very hard to please person but you must understand that people are demanding affordable price and quality. If your page doesn't catch their attention, they will leave it without reading anything you wrote...

    Other than that the price you charge is good, I like the $47 number but according to your page design, I would charge it $37 instead.

    You should consider to invest into good graphics design, I saw a lot of WSO graphic design that could improve your page significantly.

    As a former Graphic Designer, I could help you to find elements to make your page looks more professional if you're interested.

    Benjamin Cip
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    Your sales page looks good to me, all I would do is loose that banner at the top but that's a personal view. Other than that its good.
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