Where Can I Place These 3 Items?

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I will be removing this portion of the homepage of the website.

I will be placing two buttons in that space, along with a "Welcome" YouTube video, that gives the visitors an introductory message about the website, and that gives them some direction on where to go to get information the pertains to them.

There will a button that will take people to resource pages for real estate investors, and another one for home owners that are thinking about selling their home.

To recap, I'll be putting two buttons and a video on that homepage.

My question:

Design-wise, and placement-wise, where would you advise that place these three items?

As of right now, I was envisioning Making a big red button on the right, and a big blue one on the left, and to have the video embedded between the two of them.
Any constructive criticism is appreciated.
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    Usually put buttons at bottom of video, not always, but generally that's where they are. Have you looked at other designs to get ideas on what is most commonly used, and perhaps most popular?

    Could you set up a few combinations of the design and split test them to see what is the responses you get?

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    When it comes to navigation and video controls, people have conditioned expectations.
    Like Andrew Servis said, they are typically at the bottom of the video.
    It will be a natural response for someone to go there to find the controls.
    If you place them in some crazy location, it could have a negative impact on viewing.
    The split testing will tell you for sure.
    Instead of using the space on the left and right, why not make the viewing area of the video wider?
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    I agree with David V that the buttons should be below the video. On the other hand, if your entire page has no text on it and all that the visitor can do is sit and watch your video, I am betting that a fair percentage will click away immediately. I do not think it is a good website design strategy to have no text- just a video and two buttons which they have to click.
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