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Hi, I have been working very hard trying to create a uniform look to four of my sites so a viewer feels comfortable travelling from one to the other. I wonder if you'd be kind enough to review the site (sites) and let me know if there is anything aesthetically or user friendly wise I have overlooked. Many thanks!

The main site which is the mommy site so to speak is here:

Illustrator Services

In the pages section of this site, your are taken to

Nature Art Blog
Nature Art eStore
Personalised Gift eStore

As said, I have tried to give them all a familiar feel, despite them actually being different domains. Please can you visit the mommy site and via the pages in top tab see how fluid the transition to the other sites is? I think I need to add a 'home' button on those other sites so viewers can get back to main mommy site. I just thought of that!

Anyway all suggestions welcome. Thankyou

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