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Auckland Gyms | North Shore Gyms | Gyms In West Auckland | NZ

Yes, I know.. It's plain and boring.

Do any of you have any suggestions design wise? I created this site around a year ago and it's been making around $50 a month (this month is set for $90 due to getting to the top of a few more keywords).

The average visit time is 2:30 which isn't too bad seeing as though my site isn't made to be looked at for a long time. It's more, get the information and get out (and hopefully click an ad ).


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    Looks good but needs a little more contents. I see the ad in there. You might try some software directory that would help with all the static pages. Looks like a great start.
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    With such a domain name... you can get a lot more traffic.

    This is just looking like an adsense site... no content, 3 adsense blocks, ...

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    It looks like a good site, but I would try to make it a little more appealing visually. I think a powder blue background would look nice on the top of your page behind the title. Here are two ways to get your visitors to stay on your site longer:

    It will take a little work, but people love to see pics for each location to get a feel for the place. See if you can pull photos for each location to post. I look for a gym that has a large workout room with warm colors and does not look like a concrete garage. I'm sure others have preferences also.

    You could also add a message board for visitors to share their opinions about the various locations to help people make a decision about what places they want to try out. Someone is bound to offer a top ten type list that will act as a review area for people to check out.

    Best of Luck!
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      Instead of listing categories as text, use images for each category. Possibly 2 rows... 4 images in the first row and 3 images in the second row.

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  • Could use some help, but that just my opinion.

    it's very plain & clear.

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    Looks good, I would work on adding more content. To me this just looks like a basic wordpress site that hasn't had much work on it and adsense has just been slapped around. Good start nevertheless.
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      I agree with most of the comments, the site looks plain and could use some dressing up. Also, I don't get a purpose of what the website is when I visit. Most users land, 1-3 second decision, and leave. The thing that stood out to me the most were the ads.

      It is a great start and a few small changes could make the difference.

      I would use more formatting and some styles to make content stand out more. I would also make sure on my main page that I clearly and quickly convey the purpose of the website (using images, formatted text (color, font, style), and maybe a video). If the purpose is to add a gym, bring that to the main page and highlight it.

      I love your navigation options, just wish that when I visit the page that I am not overwhelmed by ads and the page had more content. I would again, add images, formatted text, use CSS to style the page (boxes to highlight content, etc.). I would also look at replacing or removing the ads to the right of the content. Maybe put it under the content and expand the content full width in that area, or keep ads in the right side, etc..

      I would still strive to keep a clean look, but dress it up and switch around your ads.

      Ask yourself, what does a user think when they visit my page? Do they quickly understand my site and its purpose?

      If I could preach one thing, one golden rule above all, its quality content is king. Be most concerned about providing value to users through high quality content, the revenue will come.

      Hope this helps, just my 2 cents for what its worth. All the best with your website.
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    Not bad!

    What I'd (personally) like to see as a visitor: more color, less "dark" elements, as you have. Less gray, more color.

    Because it's about gym, you might want to put up some stock photos of gymnasts. Health-suggesting, colorful images that make people want to go to your gym.

    More text needed...

    More engagement. You might want to use SM sharing buttons.

    I'd put the 468x60 AdSense ad on the main content section, not on the top-right bottom.

    Otherwise it's not that bad, just make some adjustments!

    Good luck!
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    The site looks great and awesome.
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