what would you add about this wordpress ecommerce website?

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What would you add to: DESERT SHOP

If you had unlimited know-how on wordpress?

A bank with lots of funds for this project only?

What would you start to modify first? [Front-end][Back-end]?

What theme would you use with combination of plugins?

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    You need to come up with a business plan or the website and define what you want to do with the site.

    Is it nothing but a shopping cart? or a product comparison site or an authority site covering cheap watches or high end jewelry, or do you want to compete with Amazon and sell everything under the sun and moon ... ???


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    If you had unlimited know-how on wordpress?

    Doesn't need Wordpress know-how here, needs the skills of a "visionary" first to decide what you really want....

    A bank with lots of funds for this project only?

    Never put all the bananas in one basket, if a monkey steals it, you'll have nothing left...

    What would you start to modify first? [Front-end][Back-end]?

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    What theme would you use with combination of plugins?

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    I think my problem with the site is the domain name. Although using .org domain name is getting more common, .com still prevails, specially for an e-Commerce site, and you are giving free traffic to desertshop.com (although the domain is for sale).

    And you didn't give us any clues what exactly you are trying to do with the site...
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      Ok so what I see here is either you selling a tangible product to a customer or middle manning a dropshipper.

      So in the end you have a basic shopping cart style website that you want to drive customers to.

      I would focus mainly on making sure that the general user experience is 100%.

      I tested your website functions and I have to say it operates decently smooth and as far as your listings I think you will only need some higher quality photos, social media "linking" capabilities for your individual item pages (WP plugin), a little more BANG with your presentation of the product within the listings, and maybe a color rethinking. Based on the two product examples I see it almost looks like the predominate color of the product is white.

      Maybe make your layout either contrast against the products, or blend in with the products. The pink and purple don't do it justice.

      As far as the domain, you have a top level domain, be proud because a lot people refuse to do it. It doesn't mean anything too horrible for your business.

      Now the next most important aspect is your advertising. You need to get these products in front of the right people. So we ask ourselves, who wears these items, and when would they be most likely to come across them and check them out further.

      If I were you I would look into "mainstream entertainment" media outlets, places that revolved around today's teen pop culture.

      Think about mobile advertising since most teens nowadays have become one with their smartphones.

      Here's one! Get the best looking product you have now, find an attractive woman on the street and ask her if she would like $20 RIGHT NOW to become a model on your internet store and take a picture of her wearing the watch.

      Take a few shots with her and the watch in the photo with a decent camera and use the photo as a base for an ad on websites, mailers, magazine or ezine ad spots, solo ads, etc.

      There's no reason not to!

      Good Luck
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