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Hey there everybody,Please review my website.

Website is: Tietent | Leading Web Development Company
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    So, you want to be a "leading web development" company?

    Why are you using a themeforest theme then?

    WordPress - Simply Business - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme | ThemeForest

    Your portfolio is a joke... sorry to say.

    You write:

    "Why we are?"

    "We are the best company"

    The best in what exactly?

    HTML/CSS/jQuery/ZURB Foundation/Twitter Bootstrap/Wordpress/Frontend Performance Optimizing
    Need HTML/CSS help? Skype: microcosmic - Test Your Responsive Design -

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      If you're serious about this, then at the very least, you should hire someone who is fluent in English (and hopefully someone who knows at least the basics of good "copy") to rewrite the text on your website, because it is painfully obvious that English is not your first language.

      If I was looking to hire a web designer and I stumbled upon your site, as soon as I read something like this...

      That's why we have the ability to make happy with our service

      or this...

      We are responsible to done every project in a 7 days

      ... your credibility would be instantly shot, and I would hit the back button immediately. I would be thinking "if this guy is so lazy that he can't even be bothered to fix all of the grammatical mistakes on his website, then why should I trust him to build my website?". And I guarantee you a lot of other potential prospects would be thinking the same thing.

      Also, where is the portfolio of websites that you have created for past clients? When I click on 'Portfolio', there is nothing of the sort there. You need at least a handful of really nice looking sites that you have designed on that page, before you start offering your services to the general public (if you haven't gotten any clients yet, you can offer a handful of businesses a free website in order to build up your portfolio). Your portfolio is what will make or break you.

      Also, when I scroll down to the bottom of each page and read the text "2 visitors online now", that doesn't exactly inspire me with confidence. When your prospects read that, they are going to be thinking "apparently no one is interested in this company, so why should I be?" Needless to say, I would definitely lose that part if I were you!

      My 2 cents.

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    ^^ In addition to these,

    You have given your Odesk profile links there, one has done 2 work, the other has done 3 or 4 since 2011, in what sense does that make you a "leading" web development firm ?

    Also did you purchase those images? I have seen some of those images in other websites....Can't remember which ones but it seems like you have just copied them and used it on your own site.
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      I got to agree that your copy needs some work in terms of quality and the use of the English language. It detracts from your credibility and represents your level of work or care for your work. The copy also doesn't compel me to use your firm or services.

      The images and rich content need some work too. I do like the layout and dynamic image features (slider, roll overs, etc.), but they are not incredible images (eg. low cost web development image could be much better). Your company logo isn't stellar either. In the graphic design biz you need to show your stuff. People today want to be blown away by rich content when they visit sites. If not, they will leave in 1-3 seconds.

      Some of the pages, like Services, also look incomplete.

      Having said this, I like your font, the dynamic features, your contact info in the top right, some of your images you used, the use of icons to represent key points, the transparency with your contact info, etc. Being a guy I particularly like the cute girls in your images. Although it wouldn't hurt to have a male somewhere in a picture.

      This is better than some sites I have seen in this field, it just needs a bit more work to sing.

      The first step is hiring someone to do your copy. Make sure your copy has proper English, is SEO optimized and sells your work and services. Pictures of your work and your portfolio will also sell your work. If you can bring more to the main page to showcase, great! You may want to hire someone or work on your logo too.

      Hope this helps, just my humble 2 cents. All the best friend.
      FiveStead - Buy and sell small services and products.
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        Originally Posted by itservicebiz View Post

        This is better than some sites I have seen in this field
        Are you kidding or Better for the cute girls heh ?
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    I don't like to rag on anyone..... but
    This is my favorite:
    "Delivery Time: 20 Days Quality: Medium"
    I appreciate anyone who makes an effort to do something....
    but you really have to tone down the "professional" wording and correct the poor english throughout the site.
    Obviously you don't want to, nor need to downplay yourself, just don't make claims you can't backup.

    I don't think anyone is trying to insult you here :confused:, but it's abundantly clear to some of us real actual professionals that your nowhere near there yet.

    There are 2 ways to gain credibility.....
    Create a good portfolio of your work so people can see what you do (this is the most common business model)
    Create a stellar reputation that carries you via referrals. (this is what I did)
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    Thanks everybody for your valuable feedback.
    We are just the beginner and I'm sure we will be serious about it.
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