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I have set up a squeeze page to promote weight loss products:

Lose Weight Without Pain, Without Starvation

Please review it and any input to improve it will be greatly appreciated.
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    I will give you a review based on your design.

    Your page looks good overall.

    Only one thing that I would change is the bright yellow footer.

    Also I would replace that model picture with a video, which has some information about your product.
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    Hey HansDavid
    I like the layout of your site, it has an easy flow and not confusing.
    However I would change the fonts that you use on the site, not that appealing.
    and last the yellow footer, sorry but it really is a pain in the eye.
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      The design is decent, the copy's not bad. Good job overall.

      Only problem is... your header image contains a very obvious typo! ("Your guide to shed weights easily" should be "Your guide to shed weight easily"). If you want to get really picky though, it should probably be "Your guide to shedding weight easily".

      So fix the typo, and maybe tone done the footer color a bit, and you should be good to go!

      Also, you might want to consider putting your social sharing buttons on your opt-in thankyou page... because if you want to maximize your opt-in page's conversion rate, then you need to minimize the "leaks" on that page ("leaks" meaning hyperlinks to other places). Especially when you're linking out to FB, etc, because some people will click the share button, then get distracted while they're on FB and then forget to come back to your site to opt-in.

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    Agreed with Brandon, the design is clean, but for me it would be better if you use the picture on the ecover instead the picture of a girl with red short pant.

    And I think, it might be good if you can state that "You email is privacy bla bla.." on the opt-in area
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    I like it's simplicity and half the fold site.
    So far it looks awesome and great.

    Good job!
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    Your page and design looks good.
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    It looks good. Simple, small amount of content - the only thing being it looks a bit generic.

    I think it needs a few testimonials and other bits and pieces such as social profile links to put users at ease and give them more of a reason to sign up.
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  • It was difficult to read the top menu bar. Appears to be white letters on white background. Maybe it was just my settings ... anybody else notice that?

    Also, as already mentioned; testimonials and urgency seem to work extremely well for gaining trust and getting a conversion.

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