How to edit a PSD and then save the layer(s) as a jpg

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Hello all. Even though it is 2013, I am new to Photoshop, and am feeling my way around in the dark trying to get used to it. I do SEO for a local web designer, but am also doing some small web design edits for him on the side.

One thing he wants me to do is to change the text on an image and then replace it on the website. Changing the text was easy enough - I just uploaded the psd, selected the text button on the left and then made the necessary changes. Unfortunately, I am kind of stuck from here. How do I extract and save the layers I need and save them as a jpg? I found the jpg with the misspelling that is currently being used, so I know where it goes. I just have no clue how to save what I need to save so I can upload it to the required location.

Can anyone with Photoshop experience please walk me through the steps to do what is needed to narrow down the area and/or layers needed and convert them into 1 jpg? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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