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Had a eBook Directory site for a few months now. Haven't had time to work on due to work, but just recently got a new job with a lot more free time and want to get my site back going. Let me know what you guys think of my website.
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    This is my critique:

    1.- I noticed it a little slow, loading pages and moving around, but the speed is ok if you are starting.
    2.- I would put the social icons in a bigger size and also at the bottom of the page.
    3.- I would try to SEO optimize more each page.
    4.- I would put more payments alternatives other than paypal, but probably this will require a lot more work.

    Other than that I like it.

    Free course about free from Youtube Twitter or Email at

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      Thank you for your time for looking over my site I will be working on this today. I agree I need more optimization for the website and eBook pages. Does the site look legit enough where if a eBook caught your attention would you buy it? I want to make it more trusted so buyers don't hesitate at all when they decide to make a purchase.
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        Toonyg For me it looks perfectly legit and as I said to you I like it.

        Free course about free from Youtube Twitter or Email at

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          I liked the design too. Very good job. Thumbs up.
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    Its looks good. Which CMS is used here.
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    I'm using the Prestashop platform for this site. Thanks everyone for your Positivity. Yes the logo is the next thing to be done. Something I made with just some free program for now.
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    Hello friend, I like your site but it have the limitations of good design, good designing of a website makes it more attractive. Your site become more attractive.
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    I really like the design, simple, clean and very organized. Good job!
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      Thanks you. It's hard to find free themes for Prestashop. I plan on buying something more catchy in the future. Thanks for your input.
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    Nice clean look and easy to navigate. I like the category choices. Good job.
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    I would say layout is looking good and color scheme selection is good too but loading time of the site is little slow. I would like to optimize your site and make it fast loading otherwise site is looking pretty ok
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    I'm sorry, but I don't agree with everyone who says it's great. The basic design is fine, but there are problems.

    All your products are below the fold. People do not like to scroll down immediately to find what they are looking for. Many will just hit the back button.

    I would make the "Lifetime Master Resell Membership" banner smaller, and put it in the header. Make the Search Bar much smaller, and position to the right in the header, or put it at the top of the sidebar.

    Then, shorten the intro paragraph - a lot - maybe just 1 or 2 sentences and a "read more", or put the rest of the paragraph (or all of it) into the sidebar with a heading such as "Member Benefits - Join Now!" with a larger font so it grabs attention.

    Nobody will read a long intro, they will skip over it, or more likely, just hit the back button before they ever look at your products. Your products need to be the primary thing visible above the fold.
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    Hey Tooonyg, Site looks nice a clean and organized well. I had a little trouble fully loading the pages... but that could just as easily been on my end. Overall.. thumbs up.
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      It looks good, clean and easy to navigate. Nice.

      All the best with your site.
      FiveStead - Buy and sell small services and products.
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    Your site looks awesome. You did a job well done.
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