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My site got hacked awhile back and I decided to start from scratch again...

I finally got the site up and running and functional.

I haven't "finished" it yet.. because of some issues with a wordpress plugin (AP3) ....

But I was wondering if you could give me a quick review.

Quantum Thoughts on the World, Internet Marketing, Copywriting, NLP, Hypnosis and Politics

ps... I'm still tweaking the title.. lol

Thanks Fellow WarriorForum members!
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    The design feels really generic. Too many gimmicky blocks of color begging for attention but not offering any value.
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    • Profile picture of the author Paul Moss
      Originally Posted by blackli0n View Post

      The design feels really generic. Too many gimmicky blocks of color begging for attention but not offering any value.
      I have to agree with that one. Sorry.
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    I would do something with those 4 large buttons on the top and bottom. I don't know exactly what, but they annoy me They are a bit too big I think. Nice articles!

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  • Profile picture of the author DavidAllenNeron
    Okay okay.. so the buttons are a bit much... silly because I spent the most time on them..
    but do you think it'll be better if I made them smaller?

    The ones at the bottom I plan on filling with articles and videos that I find interesting etc..

    Where did the other comments go? .. I liked them they were all positive and stuff... hahaha
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  • Profile picture of the author SmallBizWebsites
    Having the four buttons at the very top of the page is not a good idea. Why would anybody click on them before they have read a single word of your body text?

    You don't introduce your subject at all. There is nothing to tell me what the purpose of the website is. It just starts out like every other blog on the planet with a bunch of "articles", which I suppose the visitor has to scroll through to see if there is anything on your site to interest them.

    A better design would be to welcome the visitor at the very top of the page and tell them what they can find on your site. Also, I do not understand what you mean by "products". When I click the "Products" button, it invites me to claim a "Deal". What deal? What is the deal?

    You don't explain what you are selling. On blind faith, if I click "Claim", the first thing I see is the "Add to Cart" button. I certainly wouldn't click it because I don't have the slightest idea of what I am adding to my cart.

    At the very least, the "Add to cart" button should be AFTER the "product" description, not before it. Overall, I would say that the design tries to force the visitor into a decision to buy something before they can be reasonably expected to make that decision. I would not trust your site, and would likely bounce immediately.
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  • Profile picture of the author SarahEmpower
    Your article was difficult to read. Maybe have the text darker color.
    The big buttons are cute, but on there twice I felt a bit too much.
    Its cool you have the free gift for being on the page.
    Your TIPS and TRICK - I would have more on Top of your column (would have completely missed it if I hadn't had kept scrolling down.)
    Would say I naturally stopped on the SECOND BIG KEY BUTTONS, it looks like the end.
    Best of Luck!!
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  • Profile picture of the author Ken Houck
    I like how the posts are set up, and the corners are rounded. Everything else on the page is to "busy" for me. just my opinion.
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  • Profile picture of the author JonBird
    Hi David, interesting site. You've got a lot of information on there and it's all very current. So that's great. If I would say anything it would be to make the 4 large buttons at the top smaller... maybe rectangles would work just as well. This is prime web real estate so you really want to maximize it's use. Also the boxes aren't all the same size... which kind of throws off the symmetry of the page. The size of the boxes changes again when I click on some of the inside pages... so there is something going on there with the css. Also noticed that although you've got a lot of visual elements of the pages.. the articles themselves have no graphics at all.. is that by design. Anyway, this is just my 2 cents... hope it helps.
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  • Profile picture of the author Flippmate
    Hi David, I would change the buttons, the logo and add a solid background color to the post pages... hope that helps
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  • Profile picture of the author katherineolga
    It has a lot of blocky, square elements. Somehow, your website needs to appear a little softer. One of the problems is the way the images on the left and the sidebar on the right interact.

    The images are stacked in a way that tricks the eye into thinking that it's a left sidebar. Your name/logo is squished. The page needs a little more white space, I think.

    Also, I think putting the free gift block under the search block will benefit the page so that all the color in the sidebar can be one spot. Also, I think widening the top bar, the black one, to twice it's size might balance the colors.

    When I critique a site, I think about where my eyes settle and there are a lot of colors and blocks and my eyes don't know where to go. Don't know if my suggestions will ultimately help but I do know that somehow, the overall feeling of the site is that it should be a little less busy and a little less "blocky".

    I know, my site needs some help, too! That's on my list today.
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  • Profile picture of the author ReferralCandy
    Hi DavidAllenNeron,

    I think there are a few issues with your site, some of which are congruent with what the previous posters have raised.

    Firstly, your site has no coherent theme, not just the visuals, but the whole idea behind this site as well. Looking at it, I'm not sure what the purpose of your site is, and after scrolling down, I'm still not sure. You have to consider what the purpose of your site is for: information? Blogging? Selling products or services? Choosing a central idea behind your site will make things much more holistic, and viewers will not get lost as to what this site is for.

    Since your url revolves around your name, viewers who go to your site have no idea who you are till they scroll to the bottom of the site. You might be better off putting your profile at the top or on the sidebar, so people know who this site belongs to.

    The options to follow you on various social media platforms are also at the bottom of the site, and the option to subscribe to your blog is a separate button called "opt in", which links to a different page with an orange-red car as a background, which is weird, seeing that it doesn't have any connection to your previous theme. You could put the twitter, facebook buttons at the top of the site, or on the sidebar, below your profile, so that people who read about your profile can choose to follow you, or subscribe to your blog. The point is to create convenience for the viewer.

    Additionally, the title of your site is nowhere to be found in your site at all. The title gives an overview of the site's purpose, and the absence of it makes the site seem "purpose-less"...?

    Despite the site having a very basic and generic looking theme, the various buttons and logos and fonts do not come together to create a holistic theme whatsoever. The logo which consists of an eye suggests themes of hypnosis or psychology, and the triangle brings to mind the illuminati. I don't think that a logo is really necessary at this point. Just putting the title of the site will suffice.
    To add on, the font that you use for your name looks really cartoony, and conveys the idea that you're not very serious, which, coupling with the logo, doesn't really give viewers a very assuring feeling.
    You need to ask yourself what kind of feeling do you want your viewers to have when they go through your site, and design your theme from there. Once you have a theme, all your design elements and typography should extend from there nicely.

    The important thing is to keep the whole site under a single unifying theme, and to not confuse the viewers, so putting your name, profile and social media links near the top will work. Let your viewers know who, and what they're here for, and keep things simple so that it flows well.

    Cheers, and all the best.

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  • Profile picture of the author Featured
    I like the sites color scheme it looks very nice. But what needs to be changed on the website is the logo, this is because the logo looks very basic and poorly done. The only other small concern I have is about the buttons on your site, as some of them are either to small or way to large, but generally your site looks well done good work!
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  • Profile picture of the author Edge360
    Nice website, but your logo is really hindering your design.
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  • Profile picture of the author BillyW
    Positive criticism: new logo, remove the four large boxes above the footer ("my deals", "will you opt in", "video genius", and "contact me". Other than those points, everything else looks okay. It's a little too "busy" right now.
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  • Profile picture of the author ninjawarrior
    I think you should take this text out:

    You can check out my Facebook page by clicking the icon on the right hand side to contact me and see what I have going on there.

    I reason that if anybody's that interested to indeed check you out on Facebook and other social media sites, they'd go looking for your links, without you having to outright tell them to do just that.
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