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I am a licensed insurance agent by day and a small business consultant on nights and weekends.

Roll up your sleeves, sharpen your knives and filet the pages of my website and identify the top 10 changes that need to be made.

The Struggling Business Lifeline - Home Page

I want this website producing $$ by the end of summer. I'm just not sure where to start, so show me the thorns and jagged edges and I'll tackle those between midnight and four a.m. I'm a big girl. Take your best shot. Please.
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    Website content and design review requested
    Wrong start. Sorry.
    Only design reviews here.
    Everythig that's content and SEO/traffic/conversion/marketing-related - just gets deleted.

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    It's too basic in color, you need try some padding in content and block i think it'll look better
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      Thank you for taking a look. In the past I had probably 9 different colors spread out over all the web pages and it looked like a traveling circus. I cut out all the other colors and ended up with these. I'm still not happy and afraid of bright orange and lime green now. I haven't tried the 6 column - 12 column - 6 column grid layout so I think that might be my next attempt when I find some better colors.
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    In my previous life I also used to be a licensed insurance agent and mutual fund-licensed 'whatever'... (Now that I think back I somehow got myself involved with insurance on two continents and in three or four countries. Wow! And that wasn't even the most important time of my previous life career.)

    Anyway, looking at the site and thinking & talking as a visitor:
    - everybody gets annoyed and/or scared of ten miles long homepages. Cut it!
    Cut it up in pieces, make it "navigable" and organize your content! Right now it gives the impression of being a big mess (which it is, btw)

    - somewhere, hidden, you have some grouping of your articles/posts. Don't hide it: make that the navigation! In other words (see the point above) make the organizational structure the navigation itself.
    Think of it as a newspaper or magazine where you have different sections and the articles are organized according to those. Your content is desorganized, ergo useless...

    - I am scrolling down on that huge, huge homepage of yours... trying to figure out WHO is your target audience? Who are you talking to in your articles? (and why are they mixed with writings of 'big shot' marketers? Are you addressing other insurance agents? Or people in need of insurance? Others? Totaly not clear... e.g. as a soon-to-be senior, should I be terrified by the increasing costs of senior care (even if I am in Canada) or should I instead ask for referrals? <== those two articles are shown side by side!!!

    Althougth I could go on discussing even smaller details pointing to more design flaws... I want to mention only one thing (despite the "only design" rule I made here): after a long back and forth on the site, scrolling and wandering... suddenly I came across a very well hidden small, small button that was like a shy little girl very quietly asking for a sale - without trying to explain at least in one sentence WTF was I supposed to buy there?

    Good luck!

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      I'm thinking that I'd like to try handing all my written articles over to one of those instant book companies and seeing if they would construct an ebook for me. That way I could pull the majority of the written articles off the site and sell one book. Splitting and cutting up long pages was how I ended up with 40 total pages on the site. As you can tell, I still don't know what I am doing right and wrong here.
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    I will tell you a story... you either understand it or not.

    My woman is an MD, a psychiatrist. I helped her to study for different exams, sitting with the book in my hand and checking if she memorized correctly what was needed for the exam. And because I have an elephant-like memory, I know more about medicine and psychiatry than this whole forum together and all the WordPress experts together.

    Now, while she looked at my work and all the stuff I was doing with websites and WordPress... she knows the most about HTML and CSS among all psychiatrists.

    However, we have an agreement: I don't treat people with mental health issues and she doesn't make webpages.

    You know why? Because we both are professionals with a great respect for other professionals' expertize. And, despite the knowledge(?) we seem to have in each other's field... she suck at designing sites and I suck at caring about people's feeling. For example, if I see professionals that lack any talent for design, yet they insist, I am bluntly telling them: don't push - you suck at it. Get back to your stuff... (She would pack it way nicer, LOL)

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    Sorry to say that your site design is very boring and unprofessional. All in all, I'd trash this design (offend here ).

    Not just a few but nearly all the elements of the site that needs to be changed (From header down to footer).

    - Header is not well design; further, if that just those texts I think normal texts instead of image.
    - Main Menu is too simple with.
    - Color mixing is very very annoying.
    - Some column headers should be using normal text instead of image.
    - Add some padding
    - The site is confusing. I don't even understand what it's for.
    - Design/Add more touch to the images to make it look good
    - Site is too long and complex
    - Overall site layouts are not well suited with each other

    I think you should leave this task to the one who could handle it profesionally.

    Best of luck! Cheer!
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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