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Hi Guys!
This site is actually the fruition of 5 years of brainwork.
Early feedback says the site loads very slowly so I'm going to fix that. Thanks everyone!
I used to do focus groups in New York and sort of did them as a sport/hobby. I wrote it all down and decided to make it a kindle book, which I did, but also to make it a site that could offer a listing of groups to potential participants, and to offer advertising space to the recruiters and market research companies that have deep pockets.

I used to make 500-1000 a month doing the groups, but I knew where to look. People asked me to write it all down, so I did.

So, what I have is a unique selling point-- I wrote the insider's guide. I broke the insiders guide to an online course loaded in an autoresponder, and I created a quick start guide to finding focus groups easily on craigslist.

So, what I am trying to do is get opt ins, and I just launched the site 2 weeks ago.
I've already gotten a bunch of opt ins, and am taking it slowly.

The opt in offer is the QUICK START GUIDE to finding paid focus groups.
That gets you in, and you get the online course, and then get offered the ebook for 7.00.

I've already sold ONE!! so exciting. I was thinking it would be a good affiliate program for the survey folks, etc, and offer the book at 7-10.

Lots of cpa offers for a potential big list.

My goal is to build a lot of traffic, twitter and opt ins. Then start to sell recurring advertising and such to the agencies.

I'm doing this as kind of a labor of love. It's not my million dollar idea. But it might be my 2-5000 a month idea if I do it right.

This niche goes to students, survey people, income, jobs, part time jobs, extra income, stay at home moms, etc.

I really only have one competitor at www.findfocusgroups.com and he's not building a list and has about 6 years ahead of me. But I've corresponded with him and he's just a guy, not a warrior.

So, any ideas and help would be welcome.
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    My first impression is that it looks cheap, amateur and out dated.
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    Page took 50 seconds to load. As a result I rage quit the page.

    Thats my opinion.
    The cheap, newbie friendly, and super high quality autoresponder.

    Want to become a beta tester for Sendorika? PM me and we can discuss further!
    Twitter: @Sendorika !
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      Thanks! That's very useful! Thanks

      I'll work to tighten that up. Graphics are probably too heavy.
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    First thing of note. The page took almost a minute to load. Total and complete killer there.

    Second. Your site appears to be 100% focused on penguins.

    I'm not an expert on the matter, but I don't think your slow load time has much, if anything, to do with "heavy graphics". There is surely something else going on, with your code or server configuration.
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      Wow, great stuff. I need to fix the site load.

      As for the penguins, yes, well, I found them and liked them as a mascot. If they wind up being a symbol of a brand then that's good. I just liked them.

      I'll work on the site load tomorrow. Thanks!
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      Thanks Michael! I can get on with hostgator for that stuff. But it's fixable.

      Helps me see it better too. Thanks!
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    I like the layout and the site loads fine for me. Looks like you have some good content on there.

    The penguins are very distracting. They remind me of those animated .gifs from the '90s. The site seems almost outdated from a visual standpoint.

    If you want a penguin mascot then what I would do is have a designer create a classy, professional logo incorporating a penguin and then get rid of all the others. As it stands, it almost strikes me as a site for children. When your logo is done, use the same colors in your logo for the rest of your site. Google "create a color palette from an image" and run your logo through a generator and you will be given a beautiful selection of colors to use on your site. Your site will look way more professional if you do this.

    One other thing is I would make the font a bit larger.

    If you want contact info for a designer who will create a really nice logo for less than $100 USD, PM me and I will forward his email.

    Best of luck to you!
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      Thanks! Excellent advice. I'm going to tweak it per your advice.

      I got rid of the animated gif of the jumping penguins, I agree, childish.

      I've been staring at it too long to be objective.
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      and considering my competitor looks like sh$**#t too.

      Site has to work, not necessarily be cute. Thanks!!
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        Originally Posted by jadesource View Post

        and considering my competitor looks like sh$**#t too.

        You may want to rethink that. I like your competitors site. It's easy to navigate and doesn't look spammy like your site does.

        Also your competitors site is clearly laid out in a way where you can FIND focus groups in different locations. Your site you have to do some digging and then everything opens in a new tab. No offense, but I'd much prefer to use your competition.
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          ahh, good advice. I see your point
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          no offense taken. I don't want mine to look spammy, but I've always found his boring and wanted to make it a bit better. I found the penguins and liked them as a mascot. But then again, they may suck.

          His deal is listing groups, and he's been doing that for 6 years. I corresponded with him years ago, and we discussed offering my book to his folks.

          I thought I could build a better mouse trap, but maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.

          Maybe I don't need to build a better site, just see if I can partner with him somehow to offer the books I have and still get the opt in value out of it. It's a unique thing for him too.

          It was suggested to me that instead of competing, I partner. Maybe that's a plan I should consider. Let him have the site.

          But, I am getting opt ins off of twitter, and did sell a book, so the plan works. At least a little.

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    Thanks all for the great advice!
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    Your site loaded just fine for me. And I think it looks just fine.

    WebMasterBabble.com Webmaster Forum
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      Originally Posted by whland View Post

      Your site loaded just fine for me. And I think it looks just fine.

      Thanks Chad, I need to wipe my tears away now!
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        Use directional cues. I should be able to see what you want me to do in the first 3 seconds standing ten feet from the computer screen. And I should be able to discern what the site is about in the first 5 seconds.

        I would start there. You could try changing the type and color of the copy. But start putting some directional cues to where you want the persons eyes to be directed.

        Also, I would drop two of the three penguins...it gets overwhelming. How many sites do you go to that use the brand logo multiple times on the same page?

        Keep it up, I hope that helps!
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        • Profile picture of the author jadesource
          I agree too many penguins
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    i would ditch the flexibility theme and go with something a little more modern/up-to-date looking. Internet Marketers have been spamming the bejesus out of the internets for the past 3-4 years with Flexibility and it just screams "spammy".

    The content is great, but on the whole it's just hard to focus on anything, there are a million things happening on that page and I found it hard to even read a paragraph or two.
    RemoteControlHelicopterReviews.(com/net) - Up for sale! No reasonable offer refused. Great branding for a super hot niche!
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      I agree. I used flexibility because I know it, and thought I could customize it without going too crazy. But I think I should go over to thesis or something.
      I agree. totally. I was trying not to overcomplicate, and over frill, and over fuss.

      Plus I can't move the goddam left sidebar to the left, which is preferable.
      I was hoping to not have to larn a nu theme.
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      • Profile picture of the author jadesource
        thanks, this all really helps. Really folks. Can't thank you enough.
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    • Profile picture of the author jadesource
      do you think thesis is the way to go for ease of use and such. I don't mind paying for it.
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      • Profile picture of the author Istvan Horvath
        Originally Posted by jadesource View Post

        do you think thesis is the way to go ...
        Isn't that just another (although more expensive) example of over-used themes?

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        • Profile picture of the author jadesource
          Originally Posted by Istvan Horvath View Post

          Isn't that just another (although more expensive) example of over-used themes?
          Mm right. Whats a good option for a super customizeable paid theme? Any suggestions? Ive always used flexibility because its how i learned.

          Im in a flexibility rut.

          Thanks all. Great help.
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  • Profile picture of the author Istvan Horvath
    Oh, well... (I should save this somewhere to avoid typing it again, or should make it a sticky post)

    You seem to be one of those nice people who are very good at what they are doing, know well their profession (trade, field, specialty) and smart enough to figure out how websites work. Which means at certain point all the people like you make the dumb decision to become their own webmasters, too.

    Side note: here is a story.

    My woman is an MD, a psychiatrist. I helped her to study for different exams, sitting with the book in my hand and checking if she memorized correctly what was needed for the exam. And because I have an elephant-like memory, I know more about medicine and psychiatry than this whole forum together and all the WordPress experts together.

    Now, while she looked at my work and all the stuff I was doing with websites and WordPress... she knows the most about HTML and CSS among all psychiatrists in Canada.

    However, we have an agreement: I don't treat people with mental health issues and she doesn't make webpages.

    You know why? Because we both are professionals with a great respect for other professionals' expertize. And, despite the knowledge(?) we seem to have in each other's field... she suck at designing sites and I suck at caring about people's feeling. For example, if I see professionals that lack any talent for design, yet they insist to do it, I am bluntly telling them: don't push it - you suck at it. Get back to your stuff... (She would pack it way nicer for you, :p)


    You see where I am going with this?
    - You know one single WP theme... and you are familiar with one single CMS...
    - You have no idea about the subliminal messages transmitted by colours or by images...
    - You have no idea of the basic rules of typography...
    - You have no idea how the visitor's (reader's) eyes are moving around on a site; i.e. where to put the important things to attract attention
    - You have enourmous wasted space on your home page (an unforgiveable sin!)

    Once again, you may be the most knowledgeable guy about focus groups and all the related topics, I don't doubt that. You may even be the nicest guy on the Earth. However, looking at the linked website I had to come to the conclusions above!

    In plain English: there is a point when the good ol' DIY-method of getting a website is just unprofessional and not "kewl"...

    Good luck!

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    • Profile picture of the author jadesource
      Ah thank you very much. I'll take all that under advisement.

      This feedback is so helpful.
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    it takes too long to load the site, but the appearance looks great, it is simple and clean and i like it.
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    • Profile picture of the author jadesource
      Thanks! Working on the load times.
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