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I have gotten a lot of help with redesigning my site a few times already with my latest one taking place about 8 or 9 months ago. I re did my site because many people said my site looked old fashioned and outdated so with help and ideas from many people from Warrior forum I have changed things and back then when I changed things people here liked it.

Originally I took out a block of text to look more modern along with many other changes but as soon as I did that I went from page one to about page 5 so I condensed the text and put it into a small text box that scrolls and I got back to page 1. The only problem besides not getting many sales is people from other forums I am on are again saying my site looks old fashioned .

So I guess my question is how often should I be changing the looks of my site which is a travel site. I almost never see the big booking companies like expedia and travelocity changing the looks of there sites. My site is, my italian travels dot com. please look it over and let me know what you think. I guess because I made the site and it is on page 1 for many different search terms it can't be that bad.
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    So I guess my question is how often should I be changing the looks of my site...
    And (I guess) my question is WHY would anybody messing around with a design if it works and brings conversions? Your site's design is not underware to change it daily

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