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by acw
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Hi Friends,

I'm getting tired of RELEARNING different themes everytime some customer wants a new style. I WANT TO STICK WITH 1 theme from now on.

What is your opinion of the Best WP Theme to Use and Why?

I hear of
-Optimize Press
-etc one can tell me WHY they favor the above over others?

CAN someone tell me why one of these is THE BEST Theme to Stick with when building DIFFERENT WP SITES?

Thanks very Much!
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  • Acw,

    Aside from themes that are buggy or poorly designed, there isn’t really a best theme out there. People will give you an answer based on what they know and what they are comfortable working with but just because a theme is good for one person or business website, does not mean it will be good in all scenarios.

    I think your best solution is making a business decision. Take on clients where you can use themes that you know all the time so that you can streamline your workflow. Otherwise you will always be relearning new themes or new processes.


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  • I definitely agree with the comment above. I would just go the custom route 100%.
    Most other platforms are costly & over priced.
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      I prefer to build a child theme based on Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve, or occasionally Twenty Ten.

      They are pretty straightforward, easy to modify and the base theme will be maintained to be compatible with new versions of WordPress.

      Also, you can't beat the quality, and support at is as good as or better than some paid support.


      ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    All depends on what you want the site to do or look like as well. Can't see one theme fit all needs every time. Well, unless you do like robin said, doing child theme's.
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    Nobody can give you guarantee that a particular theme could do better in future, and if a theme doing better with seo doesn't mean it will work the same for marketing purpose, Somehow i have earlier used these themes that did great in terms of seo...

    1. Standard Theme
    2. Solidate
    3. Mimbo

    And with these themes i reached PR2-PR3-PR2 respectively for each website. I hope they are effective as well as before.

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    It is a stupid question: there is no such thing as the best theme for everyone and for every website.

    If there was such a thing: all sites would look the same.

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      Originally Posted by Istvan Horvath View Post

      It is a stupid question: there is no such thing as the best theme for everyone and for every website.

      If there was such a thing: all sites would look the same.
      "Thank you sir....may i have another?"
      ~quote from the movie Oliver

      Hmmm..i wonder what thread he's reading???


      BUT HEY...thanks for Chiming in!

      BTW....hows' the weather in Saskatchewan?
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        Originally Posted by acw View Post

        Hmmm..i wonder what thread he's reading???
        And I wonder which thread am I going to close or delete... :rolleyes: :p

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    Its depends on your website topic or niche what kind of website you want to build.. there are different and beautiful responsive themes available.
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    I have tended to use optimizepress the most as I've finally got my head around most of the technicalities of it and thus I enjoy what I can get out of it.
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      I'm using catalyst because I was tired of buying themes that I needed to customise. So I checked out a few themes and settled on catalyst. It is very very customisable and for only $127 is good value IMO

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    It depends on you but also on your clients requirements. There is no "best wordpress theme" because every client has his own requirements and if you really know wordpress then the best theme is the one that you think it is for each client.

    Your question should be more like "Which wordpress themes do you prefer?" because each user from this forum has a different answer from the others...also consider to code your own themes.
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