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So I decided to test my site speed this morning and had some poor results. Now I know plenty of it has to do with my site design, but I notice when navigating within my Wordpress admin that I notice it's very slow as well. Could this be because of my hosting company?

I use hostgator and I've heard some pretty negative things about them lately and I'm wondering if that's the root cause of all this. I'm not excluding my site design by any means, but I just recently upgraded to Genesis and I noticed it was still moving at the same speed.

Is there a way to test the speed of my host provider somehow? Also if I needed to find a new hosting provider is there a way to just copy all my wordpress files and upload those to my new hosting provider? Would it be as easy and just copying all the files and transferring them via FTP? Thanks!
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    I see hostgator also okay. I don't know what causes that your web bogging. If you want to use a different provided then you should find some web are using this service and check speed it out.
    Use for check
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      I think I'm just going to move to a new provider. It'll be pricey but I'd like to move to Synthesis. I know uses them along with a few other sites. I just got Genesis so I might as well invest into something like this. It's a little more pricey but I think it'll be worth it in the end. Tired of having to wait so long to make small changes on my site.
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    if its slow in wordpress admin, then its your hosting company, if its not slow in admin but slow in front end, then you may wish to see why - use yslow etc, they will usually tell you whats the problem
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    I use hostgator and am satisfied with the speed as far as shared hosting is concerned.

    To find ways to speed up your site check it at they will have some suggestions about speeding up your site.

    Also delete any unecessary plugins and use P3 profiler to see which ones you think are necessary are causing a speed penalty and you may reconsider them.

    If you decide to move, compare your new host's speed by installing an instance of the wordpress theme test suite in a clean new wordpress install on your old and new hosts (the new host has a free trial or refund period, right?)


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    you can use Website speed test to test your site and host. it will give you detail report
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    WordPress can be slow especially if installed too many plugins. Site loading speed can be significantly improved using the appropriate techniques. The first thing you need to do is install the YSlow plugin (for Firefox or Chrome) and test site. This plugin shows what needs to be improved.

    Detailed information about the YSlow plugin and methods for speeding the site you can find the on Yahoo Developer Network.
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    You can check website speed using this website : GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization

    It will give you a detailed report with improvement suggestions, follow the suggestion and your website will rock.
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    Pingdom is the best speed checking service IMO.
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    I also used the service of hostgator, Am satisfied too.. check your site, many factors that could affect your site loading, images etc.
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    What Do You Actually Mean By Site Speed I Think Ur Talking About The Traffic.
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    You can test you website speed at It will be very helpful for you to measure you site speed

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    If you want to test your website speed , then you just need to visit

    Website speed test

    GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization

    I hope it will be helpful for you!
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