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Which site do you feel is the best to get quality images for various sites? If you're designing multiple sites per month, I assume that a membership to one of these places would work best, right?

Any recommendations? Shutterstock's prices are really steep. Do people ever collaborate with each other and chip in on the membership fees?

I hate searching all over Google for images, and want it to be easier, with good professional photos, but can't bring myself to pay the prices.

Am I being too stubborn? I would appreciate any help or advice either on this thread or through PM.

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    istockphoto.com and depositphotos.com are good sites to license images but there are many others too.

    istockphoto.com always has promotions and their prices seam to be getting more competitive.

    Usually you can find a promo code for depositphotos.com too and their prices are among the cheapest and they have a good selection of quality photos to license.

    Hope this helps. All the best with your images.
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      Does anyone maybe have an account that I could help pay for in exchange for access too? There has to be people who have co-op type deals for these sites, instead of paying $250+/month for Shutterstock.

      Anyone interested?
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        An excellent site with free photos is Stock.XCHNG. As far as paid sites, there are many, many good ones: istockphoto, bigstockphoto, canstockphoto, depositphotos, dreamstime, 123rf, stockxpert, fotolia, and pond5. The big expense with paid sites is when you need to buy an extended license for the photos(s) you want to use as these licenses can be quite expensive.

        All the best.


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    I used shutterstock and also you can try gettyimages.com
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      sxc.hu has lots of high quality photos and you can also check out wikimedia commons where many photos are available as public domain.
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    You can go ahead with Flickr. Its a product of Yahoo and the best I think.
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    I was searching photo site then photophonia is the best site and you can search at Google.
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    We know that there are a lot of big organizations in the market who offer quality images for various websites. As per my opinion you should go with gettyimages.com as they provide high quality images in a very cost effective manner.

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