Finally completed my site ... how does it look?

by webleo
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hi Warriors,

I just completed my site yesterday. It was in the pre-launch phase for quite a long time. Some pages are yet to be done specially the blog part.
Please check the site and the portfolio and post your comments.

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    It's a looks great, just needs a little improvement on the logo of the minisite design co.
    Just needs a little matching on the wood background.
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    Your website design is looking good. Logo of the website is attractive and looking very cool. You can also make your website logo a hyperlink and redirect it on the main domain.
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    looks good, I like the slides in the main page... good job!
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    Looks really good, I would add more value to your service page and maybe re-format it as you may want to write a bit more per/service.
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    I like the logo and overall look and feel of your site. Very clean and efficient. One thing though, since I'm OCD, I think it would look better if there was a 20 - 25px space between the slider image to the right of the home page and the top menu bar. But that's just my OCD.
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    your site looks fine @webleo you just need to polish the design of it specially the testimonial area
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    I can't find nothing to complain about in your design I don't know exactly why this wooden graphic doesn't end at the same height on the left and right side. I would make it equal, extend this "shelf" also on the left side and fill this space with something nice. Maybe an old fashioned alarm clock which would show current time as a very nice feature ?

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    @webleo... really liked the site design. Looks very cool. A couple of minor things to help improve the overall user experience.

    On the left hand side you have this terrific graphic with "Featured Service" and check-mark Salespage Desgin, etc.... but I cannot click on any of those links to be taken to the page talking about Sales Page Desgin. I wanted to put my mouse on each of those and click over to another page.. that would make the design very cool.

    The right hand slider / rotating picure box... has some white "blank" pictures in it... which looks odd. Also.. I cannot click on the pictures / banners and get taken to a page talking about that service... again this is a shame.

    Both of these areas are above the fold and "prime" web real estate.

    Again... great looking site. These extras would make it even better.

    Just my 2 cents.. but I hope it helps.
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